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Never. I am a freak about my save data. I would murder anybody who tinkered with it... And I'd know if you did... I'D KNOW.



I remember playing tales of symphpnia and getting to the parallel universe, when someone overwrote it back at the start.


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My Donkey Kong 64 save data randomly deleted itself. I was just before the final boss and had collected every little thing in the whole game. Very frustrating.

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I once lost my Pokemon Leaf Green cartridge which I put over 200 hours into, and I instantly regretted saving over my Emerald...

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Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that 1019 block GameCube memory cards were highly susceptible to corruption when used with the Wii until after my memory card betrayed me.

My 100% files of Pikmin 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Wind Waker and Metroid Prime, not to mention my data for every other GCN game I had? Gone. All Gone.

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It's something I worry about, but haven't had happen to me yet. I don't necessarily feel the need to hang on to completed save game files unless that means I've gained access to something (e.g. a new game mode) that I want to play, but I'd be devastated to lose something like a Pokemon save with event pokemon that I can't get otherwise.

I feel for you!

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I'm a save freak, so it's never really my fault when ever my save files get deleted. It's either that idiot deleted it, or it corrupted..

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I played Knights of the old republic back on the First Xbox. Me and my best friend would play that all the time tradeing off when we died, I have no idea how many times we had saved over each others profiles lol, not always on accident.

I got to the near ending twice and him once before he beat it first.

Damn him.

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Growing up in a house with three siblings who also played games meant that my save files were constantly getting overwritten. It has made me very paranoid about my non-game data, but the save files not so much. I have developed a Zen approach to game data, I guess. And I also never save in the first slot. And when I can change the save window colour (in Final Fantasy VII, it made a rainbow), I do.



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