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Topic: Left 4 Dead 2 Player Bio

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I thought of this while playing through No Mercy for the second time. The way this will work is to post your own bio of how you like playing this game. I'll put an example:
Name: zeen0n
Preferred Game: Left 4 Dead 2
Weapon Preferences: Sniper Rifle, AK-47
Favorite L4D2 Campaign: The Passing
Favorite L4D Campaign: Dead Air
Favorite L4D2 Survivor: Ellis
Favorite L4D Survivor: Francis
Favorite Special Infected: Charger
Basically like that, but you can post anything in your bio that you can think of. After name I pretty much don't care. You CAN update your bio by re-posting it or editing the post. People may ask questions about others' bios. Such as someone asking me why my favorite Special Infected is the Charger. I would answer, "I love going at full speed and crashing into Survivors on Versus, and it's just so awesome how fast it goes". Post those bios, players.

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