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How is it more people aren't talking about this type of stuff. I understand that it isn't in anyway "Core" but you'd think this would be getting more press just from what its trying to achieve. I remember seeing an edutaiment game on wiiware a few years back (learning with the pooyoos) and wondering why no one else had tried to capitalize on that market. There has to be a big market for educational games that aren't only not crape but are based upon interactive feedback.

And they even have multiple ways to sell the base game and seem to have a good level of additional content

With these all new 2-way TV experiences from Kinect for Xbox 360, your child can now jump inside his or her favorite television shows and engage, interact and learn like never before. “Kinect Sesame Street TV” and “Kinect Nat Geo TV” will each cost $29.99 USD/2400 MS points for eight 30-minute episodes and will be available at your local retailers and also via download when you purchase a Season’s Pass on Xbox LIVE. Individual episodes can also be purchased for $4.99 USD/400 MS points

The only negative thing I can see is something like this is going to be microaoft exclusive but I'm not sure ghat can be helped due to lack of camera and voice options on other systems and Soho productions being a msft studio.


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If this came out when I was a child... I would be all over it and ecstatic.

Good for the kids, I suppose.



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