Topic: Kid opens TONS of Sega games on Christmas 1991-1998

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Hey retrogaming guys and gals. This is a very special video I'm sharing with you. What we have here is a compilation I put together for the holidays. It's fast cut home movie clips of me unwrapping every Sega video game I received as a gift on Christmas Morning. These were the golden years... 1991-1998. I came from a middle class family who struggled with money just like everyone else... but my Mom and Dad loved giving me gifts on Christmas and my DAD loved video games! We shared in the hobby of playing and collecting games all through the years growing up. I was a lucky kid.

In particular, this video is very special because my Dad passed away in 2007. It's so wonderful that he captured all these magical memories on tape, especially since it's all VINTAGE SEGA. It brings me great joy to share these, some of the most cherished moments of my life, with all you retrogamers! Merry Christmas!

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Okay, that is just 100% adorable.




This has got to be the best thread to ever grace the 'Other Gaming' section if not this whole entire site... What is this watery substance discharging from my eyeballs

When you look back at all the awesome SEGA games only then do you understand that they are the greatest gaming company in the world. Their systems had all the best Sports, Platformers, Strategy, Shooters, War, Simulation, RPGs, Racing, Movie licenced gems your money could buy... Now when you look at Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft all you get is a Mario box and 2 GTA boxes with no substance or variety present at all



The memories this brought back. - Dayman
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I wish I had the videos of me unwrapping my NES and SNES games on Christmas. That is awesome! I am going to make sure and record my son.

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Im 26 and to this date when i receive a console i look like a little kid haha this xmas i will be screaming while ill unwrap my psvita!! I know i already know my gifts lol... Oh well thanks to my wife!!

Great video btw

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Thats such an amazing dad you had. ^^



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