Topic: Is Capcom releasing new games this year?

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Blast wrote:

Morphbug wrote:

They released a full-fledged enhaced Monster Hunter Freedom Unite port for iOS just a few days ago.

Wow. REALLY? Who would play a game like Monster Hunter on freaking iOS?!

Well it supports proper controls. Hori's decent one they showed at E3 is coming out.

Using the Circle Pad Pro is pretty unwieldy as well. (At least when it comes to keeping it in a pocket compared to those attachments that I would never go for).

If they do the same for the rest of their iOS games I will probably get nearly all of them and one of the Hori controllers.

A bit more expensive but nice hardware and cheap software seems fine to me. (Only interested in proper games that support physical controls). Not bothered about when there is say 1/6th free (No Ad's) and an IAP to unlock the rest. But other than that I want one price for the game and that is it.

Just looking on there is loads of proper games that work with controllers.

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Morphbug wrote:

I dunno, people who want to play it on their iPads and iPhones maybe.

It's apparently well optimized, with an optional auto lock-on feature for big monsters (evolving from the system in MHTU) and other new features.

It also supports wifi multiplayer and physical controllers.

Imagine spending 350 hours on your iphone. Nope not happening for me.

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