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Scribblenauts Remix is on sale for $.99 in the app store for the holidays, so get it soon.
Edit: Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting is also on sale for $.99 until Jan. 3rd

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I find it funny how a lot of critics didn't care about Scribblenauts on the DS, but started giving it heaps more praise once it got ported to iOS. The App Store version isn't that much better (unless you have an iPhone 4S, in which case you can use Siri with it).

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I didn't like either version of Scribblenauts much.

You'll get used to touch screen controls Oddy; I don't even want to play an FPS on any other platformer than my iPad now. All it really needs are shoulder buttons, haha.

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Dark Incursion for a dollar! Castlevania-esque, so it looks great and has a similar atmosphere, haven't played much yet, but it's really cool so far!

Shogun is worth picking up, free to download, the full first level is free-to-play, excellent looking, and excellent playing bullet-hell!

Ghost Trick just came out too, made by the man behind Phoenix Wright, so you know it must be excellent!


Ghost Trick is now on the App Store! And the first 2 chapters are free!

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ghost trick whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

... like i needed another excuse to play it D:
i love that game so much~

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Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf also recently came out and is really cool, not sure if it's more Metroid or Metroidvania but it's also really worth looking into, lite version gives a good taste of it!


I'll put that one down on my list.

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I love Cthulhu-related stuff (and HP Lovecraft especially). Maybe I'll check it out on my wife's iPad if it's available for it.



I completely forgot about this thread and thought this would be mentioned here already. This may be news to the Android owners here, but the current Humble Bundle is for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!!

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Taken from another conversation:

Does anyone else have AirPlay? That's when you have the Apple TV device (dirt cheap at less than $100), and an iOS 5-equipped iPad or iPhone. It lets you play your games/ use your applications on the big TV.

I've been playing around with Real Racing 2, and it's a whole lot of fun - turns your tablet into a controller, essentially, and the action happens on the big screen. Other popular games it supports include N.O.V.A 2.


Seriously, if you have an iDevice get Ghost Trick!
I've yet to finish it, but the only Ace Attorney game I wouldn't call it better than if Trials & Tribulations, but this has much better pacing, and I'm sure the final chapters will probably ramp up the incredible!


Those with Android smartphones should check this out:

Apps and games are on sale for 7 days (and apparently a .25 deal a day). "Where's My Water" is .25

World of Goo is .49 as well as Zoo Keeper Deluxe. There's a whole bunch of games and apps for sale. Basically, Google is just changing the Android Market's name and throwing in some simple features in the mix. Nothing huge, really.



going to pick up world of goo.


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Thinking of getting a Galaxy Nexus if it comes to Sprint by birthday since I'm eligible for an upgrade. Good idea, or should for an even better Android 4.0 phone? I've already ruled out the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 for now, and I'd rather not jump into Android with anything older than the newest model, since even that will be obsolete soon enough.

So yeah. Galaxy Nexus.

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