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I'm not updating to iOS 5 until there's an untethered jailbreak.



Well, it was a bit of a nightmare but my first gen iPad is finally running iOS 5!

I love the background syncing. It's running a bit laggy but I suppose that's probably because I'm syncing around 60 apps at once. Heheh.



This is amazing. Safari is like... 10x faster. iOS 5 is like getting a new toy!



I got the iPod Nano update :3

pretty sleek I say. Like getting a new iPod. Reminds me of DSi's interface of scrolling horizonatally. And the Mickey Mouse clock is awesome



Remix sounds must-buy for that price regardless, but Scribblenauts classic dissappointed me so much. Hopefully this version fixed the controls because otherwise that sounds like a control NIGHTMARE.

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remix is actually a remake of super scribblenauts but with better graphics and slightly better adjective... showing? (i dont know what word describes it) so it has the controls of super scribblenauts i think... (super scribblenauts has way better controls than scribblenauts original) the only problem will be the d-pad control being removed as there is no dpad... I want it...

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The Corona Indie Bundle for $0.99

Available for iOS and Android

*Grisly Manor
*Robot 99
*Chickens Quest

A 6th game will be added if it hits 100,000 downloads.
17% of Proceeds generated from the sales of this bundle will go to the following charities:
Bliss, Child's Play, and Dispensario de Managua

Thought you guys might be interested.

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Yeah Corona Indie Bundle looks nice Might check it out at a later date

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3DS wrote:

Yeah Corona Indie Bundle looks nice Might check it out at a later date

Don't wait too long, it's for a limited time only from what I saw.

What is the meaning of life? That's so easy, the answer is TETRIS.


That's because people never played it. Sonic Hedgehog 4 plays very well on iPhone last I played. Glad to see Wayforward bringing the best DSiware games to other platforms



Tons of great sales for Halloween. I'll be grabbing MC3 this weekend too.



Modern Combat 3 is sick. It's extremely intense and really solid all around.

Civ Rev is a STEAL at 1.99. Get it get it get it.



I've tried out the demo version of Shantae, and by God, the controls are hard to use. I'm sure there are people in this thread that are probably used to virtual gamepads, but I couldn't be doing with it. I went and bought the definitive DSiWare version.

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The ghost recon game for 3ds is coming to ios.


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Did I tell you guys when I updated to iOS 5, my computer told me my backup was corrupted? it put the backup in a virus vault and said the file was infected? I will try to post something I typed asking for help. It might not make sense. Here it is. See if you can help but I've given up.

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