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This is a debate about whether or not the iPad or iPod touch can be considered gaming devices.

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They are definitely coming into their own as gaming devices, though it's still not their main function. A lot of games on WW/DSiWare are on the App Store - Zenonia, Flight Control, Bit Trip Beat, The Monkey Island games, many retro Sega games on the VC, etc. There are also really large games like Myst or GTA: Chinatown wars. Look at the games, it's a gaming device and will continue get bigger and better games as time goes on and people upgrade.

Though I would agree with the statement that any device used to play games is a gaming device, even if you're not, the only way I can see one not thinking the iPad/iTouch couldn't be considered gaming devices is if you've never actually shopped for games on one.

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In my opinion... not really, no. They are functional hand devices, without gaming as a primary focus. It's just a platform for shovelware, to be honest. I mean, though I know they're growing bigger by the second, we have to consider all other functions on the device. Games wasn't really considered as their main focus when it came up. Remember, what they were into from the start is a big contribution to the insights of whether a gaming company is one or not.

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Here's what wikipedia says it is:
1. "The iPod Touch (stylized, trademarked, and marketed as iPod touch) is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc."
2. "Type: Portable media player/PDA/Handheld game console/Mobile Internet device/Digital audio player/E-book reader"

I would call it a "portable multimedia device".



There is no debate. I have an ipod touch and an ipad and they are most definitely gaming devices though they can just as successfully be business devices, music players, e-readers, or a number of other things. Gaming is considered a main focus of these devices hence the graphics hardware. While there are boat loads of shovelware there are a lot of great games. While there still aren't many deep games yet and simulated d-pad controls generally suck i still have a lot of good games on my devices. For the price of an ipad though I wouldn't recommend buying one strictly for gaming.

One of the great things about the devices is that anyone can make a game. While that does lead to a lot of garbage like the game where you have to shave a hairy legged woman, there are a lot of interesting indie/physics games much like what sometimes show up on Wiiware/DSIware but often much cheaper.



Multimedia device does suit it a lot better than just gaming platform.

I think calling it a gaming platform would suggest it's main focus is games. Though I certainly wouldn't rule them out as a competitor in the area. Not a direct competitor mind you but still it competes for people's attention like all other media devices do.

The iPhone in my opinion works pretty good for a number of games (mostly shovelware) but that serves it's purpose. Cheap shovelware games that are easy to access and waste a few minutes on when waiting for things to happen work pretty well, imo.
They do have some longer games but honestly I don't think the battery drain on my phone is worth the longer games.

The iPad I've only seen a few games for and I certainly wouldn't end up buying it just to play games on.
But my friend did show me one game he got for his Ipad. Stuff drops on you from the sky and you have to try to not get crushed but keep jumping over all the piling up trash to get higher and higher.
The game itself isn't that interesting to me but it does have a function where you can connect it with your Iphone wirelessly and then use the Iphone as a controller and the Ipad mainly as a screen.
This makes the game much easier to play since you aren't touching the screen all the time.

I don't think Apple will ever solely focus on games or anything like that. It just doesn't seem to be where they are going. However, I do think that if they wanted to they could probably do pretty well.

..... I may have gone off topic here... anyway I don't consider it a gaming platform.

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Dedicated? No. Can it be used as one? Absolutely. I've spent a good 100 hours playing games on my iPad.

@Phobos: Yep, World of Goo and Bit.Trip and Dead Space are definitely shovelware.

Edit: People talking about shovelware seem to have forgotten about the Wii. Yes, it's there, but it's so easy to ignore. There are plenty of gems to be found on the App Store.

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its a multi-media device, whether that includes gaming or not it still is.

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Well, you wouldn't say "it's a gaming device" if someone who had no idea what one was asked you to describe it (though I can't think of too many people who have NO IDEA what these things are at this point), but it can definetely be used as a great gaming device. I wouldn't buy one if ALL you're going to use for it is games (MAYBE an iTouch.... maybe) but it certainly does a lot of other useful stuff. I have over 70 apps of which the majority (definetely not all but the majority) are games.

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Devices that play games, yes.
"Gaming devices", no.
Individual hair-splitting mileage may vary.

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Some people tend to ignore that there are soe actual full sized good games on the iDevices. I have not tried the iOS Dead Space, but from what ive seen it play almost just like its console counterpart. And from what ive read, its pretty good in its own right as well. Other large games such as NOVA 2, GTA, Monkey Island games, Infinity Blade (to a degree), Real Racing 2, show that the devices are certainly capable of some good gaming. But it is also a great playground fr indie devs to bring some original ideas much more easily. And thats what I love about the iDevices. Ive been playing amazing original little games from smaller studios such as Papa Sangre, Super Mega Worm, Space Miner, Zenonia, heck even Real Racing 2 came from a relatively new dev.

Does that mean it should be your gaming device of choice? No, not necessarily. Is it a gaming device, well sure it is. It plays games. And not just Snake, but actual quality games (you just gotta dig deeper than the Top 25 list). The same way its a music player because it plays music. Its a video player, an e-reader, and even a portable computer to a certain degree. Game device is just one of its descriptions. While i understand why some would be hesitant to call it a gaming device. If I had to give it a general term it would be a portable media device/PDA, just so I encompass all it can do.



Honestly, I probably play $3 Tilt To Live (though I bought it for free) more than most of the $50 games I get. Then there's Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Rolando 2, Canabalt, Cut the Rope, Osmos.... the list goes on and on.

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Everyone talking about the 'large games' it has seem to have forgotten that there's a limited amount of examples we can name. To conclude my opinion, I think the iPad/iPhone are portable multimedia devices. Not initially gaming devices, but can be used as one depending on an individual's perspective on the device. End of story for me.

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sadly the iPhone's/iPod's lack of buttons just kills its potential as front-runner gaming device for me....however, I don't see how it could be argued that they aren't gaming devices. The sheer quantity of content dwarfs the other handhelds despite a much shorter time on the scene.

But yeah--a substantial chunk of genres just aren't any fun with virtual touch-screen input devices...perfect example would be Capcom Arcade (genre being buttons/d-pad arcade games). If that were a Wii game, it'd be a must-download. Sadly, given the horribly imprecise method of input, you end up with unrealized potential. I can say without a doubt that no person will ever beat Ghosts and Goblins or Ghouls and Ghosts via touchscreen, regardless of continues used.

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Would someone actually buy one of these things just for the games? I sure hope not...
However, the games makes it popular with the younger audience, but despite this, quite a few people still prefer their Blackberries.

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Is it their primary function? No. But they can play games, so yeah, they fall under that category.

With the way video game consoles and handhelds are moving, though, I expect to see the line to be even more blurry as time marches on.

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Yes, they are gaming devices, and a lot more. I don't own either of them, but I spend way more time playing games on my Droid than I do on my DS, and most of those games are iPhone ports.

Are they perfect gaming devices? No. They are held back by the lack of physical controls. The best developers work within these limits to deliver great experiences.

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no they are not gaming devices. 95% of itouch/ipad games = CRAP! the 5% that are worth buying only last about a week before you have explored all of its content, even if they are fun. Granted the ds has its share of CRAP but it has enough awesome games to make me broke, and never make me run out of things to play. The itouch is worth it for causual gamers maybe, or people with short attention spans. But is really good with music and youtube.

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If calculators can be gaming devices then sure, why not?




I hate to break it to you, but that's the breakdown of DS games on just about any retailer's shelves. 95% Imagine, Petz, Babiez, Bratz, Brain Age, etc., and 5% Mario, Sonic, GTA, etc.

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