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The PSN store is having a January sale, starting today, and there are some 'steam sale' levels of bargains to be had.

Full List:

Highlights include :

Borderlands 2 £7.49
Spec Ops: The Line £4.99
WWE 2K14 £10.99
XCOM: Enemy Unknown £7.49
BioShock £2.87
Crysis £3.99
Crysis 2 £3.99
Crysis 3 £5.99
Dead Space 2 £5.39
Dead Space 3 £6.59
Mass Effect £3.95
Mass Effect 2 £5.39
Need for Speed Most Wanted £6.59
Dragon Age: Origins £3.99
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch £6.59
Tales of Graces f – Knight Edition £12.49
Everybody’s Golf (Vita) £3.49
WipEout 2048 (Vita) £6.35



That's a huge amount of deals, much better than the 12 Days deals we've been getting over December. I'll be sure to pick some of these up with the money I'll get from family over Christmas.

SteamID: bulby1994

Nintendo Network ID: Bulbousaur


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