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Sorry I've been a crappy updater! Friend of mine had a birthday out of town - had to go hang out for a few days.

I just did a test runthrough of all my enemy AI. I wasn't trying to break the game or anything, so there are probably still bugs, BUT - every enemy AI pattern appears to be firing properly! I haven't checked collision states, hit-to-invlunerability, etc. - that's probably pretty broken still - but the attacks looks proper, and they spawn the correct graphics in the correct places!!! WOOO!

There's really not much left now. I'm going back through and implementing a lot of minor polish / timing fixes, as it still feels pretty rough around the edges. Now that I missed pretty much every deadline I set, I might as well spend the few extra hours polishing the experience, eh?

Check out all the monsters!!


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Love it ^

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Oh it's super-strange.

Basically, the theme is "anything I can draw that doesn't make me sick to my stomach to look at / admit to drawing". There's no attack button, it plays like a poor man's cross between Zelda and Ys Book 1, and you can't pause or even open so much as a menu. The townspeople (and the whole "story" really) is super self-aware.

It's caught in a weird limbo between the super-simplicity it started out as (3 enemy types, giant versions of those as bosses, 1 town) and what my attachment to the project has turned it into (7 enemy types, 4 unique bosses, lots more AI, shop system, money system, evolving music, etc.).

I think it'll be fun for people to see how these 2 versions fused - plus these last 100-odd posts should give you a nice idea of what it's been like in my head / throughout development!

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i hope nintendolife will feature this. i dont want to miss out the final version

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I'd be honored if they did, but honestly it isn't really Nintendo related. The closest association is that it's based on Nintendo (era) games and I use a recreated version of their 2A03 NES sound chip.

That said - gods of NL, if you want to throw me a ton of free publicity I won't say no

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SwerdMurd wrote:

OK... nevermind... This will take a bit longer, mostly due to me getting roadblocked by the most bizarre bug / issue I've ever come across in all my years.

I apparently had a font delete itself. I have no idea how that's even possible - I certainly didn't do it manually - but all of the text in my game was manually formatted (and the entire UI designed) around a font that now no longer exists. Which, again, vanished without a trace. Everything is now in Terminal resolution, which looks terrible. This is infuriating, and I can't work anymore today for fear of breaking my laptop or writing a profanity-laden email to the manufacturers of the software I use to develop.

Seriously. This kind of stuff is why most people never finish games. I know people have said "but it's not my fault" before... but jesus. This is the ultimate example of not my fault. Literally woke up and noticed all my fonts were different - look at slides 2 and 3 in this gif for proof. I even changed the UI formatting due to the accidental-new font in the player UI box... But yeah, that old font is gone.

Dead-ended again due to this same, stupid issue. Full day today trying to figure it out - I am apparently the only person on the internet who has ever had an issue like this in the history of the world. I have now completely reformatted my text countless times because of this random Terminal font-switching issue.

Most of the logic in the game is done, but this font issue is insurmountable at the moment. There is literally no rhyme or reason to when my entire game's text appearance and formatting will arbitrarily revert itself to malfunctioning nonsense...

So, as much as I hate to say it, consider this project on hold.

Let me give you a window into my misery real quick:

The workaround I'll need to program will take more manual effort than I have time for at the moment, given another outsource project I'm taking to pay some bills. The only options I can see at this point:

*Use an anti-aliased font - which will destroy the entire old-school feel of text in the game. I refuse to do this - it just doesn't look right.

*Use one of the other, horrid solid-color fixed-width fonts - enlarge text window, change all display parameters, rethink all my towns and chests (and anything else that spawns dialog) so that new larger window doesn't obscure view - could do this, but it's several days of work so that my game looks way worse. Hate this solution... And there's no guarantee these fonts wouldn't randomly decide to screw up the same way either.

*Pre-print all my text windows - save and display them as solid images rather than text data interpreted/displayed by game - I'd still need access to the original font to do this. If I can get it to revert another time, I'll do this, but there's no guarantee this will ever happen again. This is the ugliest, most "dishonest" (from a developer perspective) way to do my text display, but at this point I don't care.

*Write my own font, write a text-blitter - I've never done this before. I've tried and failed to get one of these to work (Programming sucks). I could also search for an extension that would let me do this, then see what I can do from screenshots to re-draw the font I want myself. I could also use my 8x8 font and shrink the text window down a bit or change the vertical spacing.

This is all a lot of work - and it's work I've already done several times now and I'm getting increasingly frustrated. I'll update this thread when I get back on the horse but I'm on the verge of breaking some expensive electronics, and as the sole owner of a company yet to make any money whatsoever, I can't really afford that. So :/

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Back on the horse.

The font is... well... I figured out a workaround. The time it took to discover said workaround is nearing the triple-digits (in hours), so I'm gonna call it fixed enough to keep working at any rate, and I have screenshots and the backup method hooked up.

It turns out my original architecting of the battle system didn't take into account multiple instances of an individual enemy on the same screen... and thusly needs to be reworked in a pretty big way. Getting that started first thing tomorrow!

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@SwerdMurd: Looking awesome! Glad to see a video of it! This was posted 15 days ago, sheesh! How did I not notice? Anyway, what did you use to capture the video? I've been having an awful time trying to find something to capture (good) video of my game...

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I can't wait for Maiden Adei and maybe @SwerdMurd could make Maiden Todeis.

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@Gioku - I use a program called Camtasia for recording and after-effects / video editing. It's got a free 30 day trial and it's a few hundred bucks to buy I think. I can't remember anymore - owned it for quite a while. It's mighty nice though.

If you can get an old, free version of Fraps, that works well also. Idk if people still use Hypercam or what other solutions are available, but I'm sure there's something free that lets you vid-cap at a decent framerate. Personally, I remember this hunt being kind of a pain, hence my decision to try out (and eventually buy) Camtasia. -> Mac and PC

AND FOR AN ACTUAL UPDATE: Facelift is almost done. New options menu is awesome, 7 more sound effects to go (although they're weird ones and I'm not quite sure how they'll work), 2 more songs (final boss and ending), and then I go to work upgrading / fixing all the enemy AI. That will take a while, as they're no longer all clones of the same AI pattern. My new goal is completion by Halloween, which is pretty comfortable. I built in plenty of time to nerd out and play videogames / not work, since I'm on an low-level challenge SNES game kick. Beaten Chrono Trigger, FF VI, and Super Mario RPG so far - currently attempting Secret of Mana, Lufia 2, and Secret of Evermore.

And playing Rudra's Treasure again finally, since for some reason I absolutely love it.

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I had a lot of issues with framerate before... Couldn't record at a consistent 30 to save my life at any "real" resolution. Camtasia lets me run my game, a few other things in the background, and record at 640x576 (largest I ever need) without any hiccups or stutters on my Microsoft surface (gen 1) - so i5 processor, 1080p, Windows 8.

I haven't tried 1080p full-desktop... Not sure how well that would work on my system...

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