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So... Not sure what possessed me to do a one-man, no-sleep, one-day game jam, but I'm doing it.

Starting in a little less than 6 hours (midnight central time), I'll be making an entire game - code, design, art, music - and blogging about it, in 24 hours. It's gonna be rough, I'm gonna get really tired and cranky, and I'll probably polish off between 4 and 130 redbulls.

I've already spent 30 minutes of teh 24 hours planning out the concept / timeline, and will spent the last hour and a half blogging about the game / organizing my notes.

If you wanna follow along, I'll be making posts every 2 hours on VINTAGE Games Facebook page:

Come root me on... Or talk nonstop crap about how I'm doomed to fail! It's all good!

Starting in 5 hours, 35 minutes.

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Hahah! Good luck, man. I hope it turns out well and amazing ^.^

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good luck! not sleeping is dangerous...

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Good luck! You should put it on Steam Greenlight.

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looking good! it's cool thinking on games and trying to make them!
sadly, I'm still on the level of text RPG using C........

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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starting now! Will begin updating on progress in 2 hours or so. Redbull : consumed. Progress : begun.

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Try this:

RPG set in a Zombie apocalypse set in a magical medieval world set in the distant future after that same planet suffered a zombie apocalypse.

The big reveal? It's planet Earth and the magic is actually repurposed technology.

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Meowph, that's right!

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@SwerMurd A game in 24 hrs, why don't you just give up? You're not gonna get any sleep and you don't know karate, face it you're never gonna make it.You don't have the guts! You're a fool SwerdMurd A FOOL!!!! I just quoted every typical line they've used in every underdog movie ever.
Anyways LOL J/K I hope you do it.k
Also I have so many questions I wanna ask about your RPG but I'll wait and see until your done. kinda excited for it.

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Good luck, sir! For this (and future) game jams, just remember the four magic words; Keep It Simple, Stupid. (KISS) Get the core mechanics down and polish the game when it's all fully working in some capacity.

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Go swerd~! You can do it it'll be awesome. :3
I know the feeling of having to make an RPG fast. D:
You got kitty's support! Go go go~!

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All right. Good first 2 hours! Got the map designed (simple 10x10 screen, no scrolling), hero / combat pattern good, and most specifics / data values filled in pre-testing.

*Spent about 40 minutes touching up a meticulous timeline, breaking the 22 hours into 1:50 hour work periods, 10 minute FB / blog update periods, and breaks / lunches / etc.
*MSPainted a nice 10x10 example map with 11 chests, 2 caves, a little wave-by-wave style tower, 3 towns, etc. Simple, direct, and very Ys 1.
*Got character levelup sheet together, and a good idea of how Power, Block, HP, and MP will work together to provide a lot of dynamism despite a simple system
*laid out sound and music needs, and came up with a kinda cool dual-song idea for exploration vs. combat
*defined "buttonless" combat system in pseudocode... Hopefully it'll be fun in practice!!

*little rest-the-eyes break, 10 min
*set up proto app - import logo screen from other games, block out all needed scenes / frames, set up resolution / scaling
*art dump - start making tiles, record screen while i draw main character animations

2 down, 20 to go!

-Swerd Murd

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Haha sounds awesome! Go SwerdMurd!

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!



More good progress! A bit behind my goal - still haven't started on unique art. Got all the enemy and boss AI planned out. The only remaining specifics are the tilemaps themselves - which I'll do in-editor.

*Finished up the official timeline / made documenting future progress a lot easier (template!!)
*Still not even remotely tired. My midnight redbull / recent sleep is still kicking / work is happening a mile a minute!
*Got 5 basic enemy AI templates - shouldn't require any external states (can loop into mmf standard behavior to control all enemy AI) which should save a TON of time. Enemies are basic movement patterns w/ image swaps / ability to fire bullets. Easy stuff!!
*Set up official game file - imported my logo / introductory stuff. Using Gameboy Advance resolution (240x160) and similar restrictions to speed up development.
*Strangely hungry for 4am.... Can't eat for 4 more hours.

*20 minute break
*Time to get artistic! Gonna make art for an hour and a half; will update at 6:00am with all the art I got done.

-Swerd Murd

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Someone get this man a Redbull!
This is like watching Crank, but with game designing!

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Slowing down a bit... Head's starting to feel the typical 6-hours-of-close-eyework pain.... Gonna go on a little walk for a few minutes. Sun just started creeping up... such a great feeling :/

All blocking and a bit of art - got the main game screen set up / appropriate text and number containers docked in appropriate spots. Back to it post-break!!

-Swerd Murd

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Good luck!

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Hang tight there Swerd good chap, you have my full support. Your project seems a little too ambitious for one day but I know you can do it.

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Oh it is. It very, very much is. I'm quickly realizing that I just can't generate decent art on command at all - my art time is taking way longer than expected. Still, it's been a fun 8 hours thus far!


Got some more tiles made - overworld stuff (trees, rocky caves/mountains/whatever, some stray rocks) and got the down walk animation done for maincharacterguy. Also got a few songs bouncing around upstairs (bout to get them written down) and the design is 100% done. Still making good progress... Gonna do all art/music until I'm satisfied with it, then back to AI coding

-Swerd Murd

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