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Im a huge 3ds fan ... It was my first handeld console and im having soo much fun ! Since I have a young kid im having trouble playing my wii u ... I play alot with off tv but..still id like to play on the Tv since its a tv console.

Im planning to get a Vita this christmas . since i fell in love with the 3ds i wanna give it a try ...
Am i doing a good move ? People seem to hate it for not having games but from what ive seen there seem to be a fair amount of great game available !

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I heard it has some great JRPGs and it has a lot of PS3 ports so if you like JRPGs or never had a PS3 it might be a good choice.(I also wanted one but since I have a 3DS already I'm looking to get a home console next, every single one I had after the N64 broke, so Vita is not for me)

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Hope everything works out for your Vita. Be sure to post any further discussion in this thread: http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/other_gaming/ps_vita_costs...

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