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I'm currently testing my development skills with an RPG called Star Blade Warrior it's not playable by a long shot yet, but most of the basic coding is complete! Next up is linking the events and adding a real-time battle system. The game is inspired by Rogue Galaxy and Star Ocean and will have a unique Star Blast system where you'll fill up a meter during battle by racking up insane combo counts and once full you can use a Star Blast power to decimate your enemies! I'll let you know more as development continues, but for now I'm taking things slow since I only have one partner and am busy running a media website of my own! The game probably won't be finished until 2017 at the earliest and will be a limited exclusive to Mobile, but if successful I'll probably release it on the Wii U eshop by 2019.

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Well, congratulations, and I wish you the best. Let us know a few years from now when it is ready!

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Well I'm an official RPG Maker VX Ace developer, so beat that! In all seriousness though, congrats on picking up unity. You seem pretty dedicated to your project, so here's hoping it all goes according to plan!

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That's exciting and I wish you all the best. But I wouldn't count on the Wii U eShop being, well... a thing in 2019.

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Congrats! I just started using Unity for an RPG. Though I should probably make a platformer first...
Anyway, how did you become official? Is there a fee?

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Congratulations, man! Good luck with your developing venture! I hope to be there soon myself, any tips where I should start? I'm currently teaching myself C programming, should I be learning something else first? Or a different programming language maybe?


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I tried out Unity a while ago, and it was way harder than I thought it would be. I think I made a room with a static camera, and that was all I was able to do ^^;

Good luck on your project!

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Oh wow that's really neat! Good luck!



Well, thanks for the 5 years notice.

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Sounds fun. Me myself would love to make games, and sometimes follow some C tutorials on Unity Free, just so I can learn. I hope you finish the project as the game sounds like something that I will play. Good luck!

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