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Topic: If Sonic Generations 2 were happen on his 25th Anniversary, what zones would you like to see?

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Here's mine (This one has a Sonic CD zone and a Sonic 3 zone in addition to a S&K zone):
1. Starlight Zone (Sonic 1) (The intro video would take place in a city)
2. Hill Top (Sonic 2)
3. Tidal Tempest (Sonic CD)
4. Ice Cap (Sonic 3)
5. Flying Battery (Sonic & Knuckles)
6. Twinkle Park (Sonic Adventure)
7. Metal Harbor (Sonic Adventure 2)

I haven't played much of anything between Heroes and Unleashed so I'll skip to Colors

11. Asteroid Coaster (Sonic Colors)

There'll definitely be more Sonic games out by then.

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Marble Zone
Hill Top
Rail Canyon
Red Mountain
Metal Harbor
White Acropolis
Sweet Mountain

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Marble and Starlight zones (Sonic 1)
Emerald hill and Sky Chase zones (Sonic 2)
Tidal Tempest and Stardust Speedway zones (Sonic CD)
Carnival Night and Ice Cap Zones (Sonic 3)
Lava Reef and Death Egg zones (Sonic & Knuckles)

As for 3D sonic games if it was my dream version they wouldn't be included, think I'd take out modern Sonic too add stage bosses and sub bosses take out the unlock boss thing from gen 1, guess it technically wouldn't be a Sonic gen title any more more of a sequel to the classic parts only but that would definitely suit me fine.

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Angel Island Zone Act 1 (Sonic Advance) is what I want the most.

Oh, and Red Mountain 1 from Sonic Adventure.

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Sonic 1 - Marble Zone or Star Light Zone
Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave Zone or Oil Ocean Zone
Sonic 3 - Marble Garden Zone or Ice Cap Zone
Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone or Death Egg Zone
Sonic CD - Palmtree Panic or Tidal Tempest
Sonic Adventure - Sky Chase or Windy Valley
Sonic Adventure 2 - Metal Harbor or Green Forest
Sonic Heroes - I haven't played Sonic Heroes
Sonic '06 - Nothing, this game was horrible
Sonic Rush - Mirage Road or Altitude Limit
Sonic Unleashed - Chun Nan
Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain or Starlight Carnival

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sonic 2 - hill top
sonic 3 - ice cap
sonic adventure 2 - metal harbor
sonic heroes - egg fleat
sonic advance 3 - route 99
sonic colors - starlight carnival
sonic 1 - lybrinth zone

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This thread is so old TendoBoy was the last post! Is this thread bump day or something?

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just have Lava Reef and Pumpkin Hill and I'm good.

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I haven't played enough new sonic to really have a say, but I'd definitely want Angel Island and Labyrinth Zone in there.

Also, if we're talking 3DS version, we should have 3D levels and a longer campaign.

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