Topic: If Amazon made a video game console, what would it be called?

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You know what im tired of android consoles i guess it would be called tree or jaguar or eBay destroyer.

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The rainforest....

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tumblr's better...

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Rainforest sound pretty nice, actually.

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Mii's are often made fun of or show you're trying to hide your apperance...


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Meowph, that's right!

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probably something Kindle reated.


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If amazon made a console what would it be called, a PC? but i'm sure the PSVita is also inferior PC according to some.

I really have no idea what thay would call it, but i'm sure Ouya, GameStick, Nvidia Shield and the SteamBox are going to set the world on fire.

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Wonder Woman.

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The Nozama obviously

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Smirky Brown Box. Here is a leaked image of a prototype:


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Tasuki wrote:

Anyway Maybe the Amazon Ice?

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the Not Ouya

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I vote Rainforest.

Big_Boy_Chubs wrote:

The rainforest....

please change your profile picture...Mii's are often made fun of or show you're trying to hide your apperance...

That is completely false, and even if he is trying to hide his appearance, that's his business, not yours.

Cringing is really fun.


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