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Hello, I have some questions...
I have fifteen or so games consoles set up, and I have TWO QUESTIONS about outputting and recording video game footage using them.

I have two televisions: a modern Sony HD TV, and an old Hitachi CRT television. No matter how I try, I just can't get the older games to look any good using composite cables on the modern HDTV, which is why I still use the older CRT television for those games.

QUESTION 1: is there any way at all to play NES, SNES, N64, and Mega Drive games on the HDTV without it looking terrible?

I have component cables for Wii, PS2, PSP and GameCube (using a very expensive Japan-only cable for the GameCube), so with these consoles I am able to play Wii, PS2, PS1, PSP, GB, GBC and GBA games on my HDTV.
Of course, my games for consoles with a HDMI cable (XB360, PS3 and Wii U) will look great on it too.
Everything else needs to use the older television to look any good.

QUESTION 2: recording game footage

I really want to know an easy and simple way to record game footage, able to simply record anything I do, which will then save a file for me to edit later.

I currently have a device called a "Dazzle", and it was a huge pain for me to use for many reasons:

  • It only recorded in black and white, and I had to find an entirely different piece of software to make it record in colour.
  • It assumed that I was going to create a DVD with menus and crap like that, and so it saved the file in a bizarre format. I had to get another piece of software to convert it into a normal video file.
  • It also recorded things inconsistently. One of my videos of a PAL NES game bizarrely had the top and bottom black borders cut out, but another recording of the same game didn't do that.
  • On top of all that, the Dazzle only seems to work with composite cables. If I wanted to record anything, I would have to play my game using the CRT television any time the Dazzle was set up. —

It was a huge hassle and I don't want to have to put up with the way this Dazzle works any more.

I need a solution that:
A: Can work with HDMI, Component, AND Composite cables. OR at least will allow me to play using my HDTV while recording.
B: Works perfectly straight out of the box without any weird idiosyncrasies.
C: Is simple to use. I need something that is SOLELY DESIGNED to record footage from the TV screen. I don't want a device that assumes I'm an average television watcher. I don't want something that 'helpfully' can change channels, auto-record at a certain time of day, connect to the internet, or anything else.
I just want a device that I can plug in and turn on. Press record, it starts recording. Press stop, it stops. Anything it records would be saved as a normal video file which I could then transfer to my PC.
Does anything like this exist? I've been looking everywhere and all the recommendations are for complex things which don't precisely fit my needs.

Apologies for my long-windedness.

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Haven't really used the forums before — I didn't notice the "Help / Problems" forum before I posted this. Apologies for posting in what might be the wrong forum.



I actually just bought a Dazzle to stream games on So hopefully it works.

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Well I can answer your first question and not really. Thats why I hang on to a CRT tv so I can play all my retro systems. Most people who do LPs of older systems use methods which we can't talk about here because its against the rules. You can always try googling that and see how to go about doing it that way. Also you can try asking some people on Youtube that do LPs how they go about doing it. I know poeple ask RoahmMythril all the time what he uses to do LPs.

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