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I was a little surprised nobody had made a topic yet, Humble Indie Bundle 7 has been out for about a week now and has some great games.

Snapshot, Closure, The Binding of Issac + DLC, Indie Game: the movie and Shank 2 are available and if you beat the average you get Dungeon Defenders +DLC(and there's a lot of DLC), Cave Story+, Legend of Grimrock, The Basement Collection and Offspring Fling.

It's a pretty good bundle. I've been able to play a few of them games available. Closure is a pretty good game, what little I played of it was very fun. Legend of Grimrock was a good dungeon crawler which seems pretty hard since I died on easy mode after 15 minutes.
The real steal here is Dungeon Defenders. I bought this game back in June and it's already one of my most played PC games. It's a great tower defense and action RPG combination with a lot of content. Add the DLC and the game is enormous. With the DLC, The number of levels in the game doubles and you many more heroes. I highly recommend it.

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Indie Game: the Movie and The Binding of Issac put a big stain on this bundle. Besides that I already have it along with Grimrock and Cave Story+. I ended up getting bundle 7 anyway and paying using a custom split and giving nothing to Binding of Issac or Humble Tip (I'm still mad at them for introducing me to the game).

I think it will be worth it to have Grimrock DRM-free and to try Closure and Shank 2.
Also that Offspring Fling. my pants.


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