Topic: How good of quality are fake GBA games?

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I wouldn't mind getting some from Hong Kong on eBay as long as they save and play right. Games that are extremely expensive for real copies and such.

Anybody have any fake games? Do they work well?

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it's not good to talk about this stuff here in NL but, when I was a kid the seller tricked my parents and sold a fake GBA game they have a darker catridge than the originals and break really fast and easily they extremely suck you're lucky if it doesn't delete when you get close to the end of the game.....

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They're unreliable at best. I bought my nephew some very convincing looking counterfeit Pokemon games (unintentionally, of course) a year ago and only one of the four worked properly or saved his progress. Just buy the real things.

And yes, this thread well be locked shortly.

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This is against our rules. We do not allow discussion on emulated, illegal or otherwise fake games.

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