Topic: How different do you think the Sega Saturn would've been if there was no Sega 32X, and Knuckle's Chaotix was a launch title?

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How different do you think the Sega Saturn would've been if there was no Sega 32X, and Knuckle's Chaotix was a launch title?


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I still like the SEG Satty no matter what others thought back then. Megadrive/CD/32X is still my favourite system of all time with a massive diverse library of awesome

Kind of like how everyone likes the SNES but I thought it was a bit overated TBH.

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Much, much better, but there was still the SEGA CD, and the Playstation still had a huge price point advantage. SEGA would have definitely been in a better position, though, IMO. So much better, maybe we would have seen another one of these...

I can dream, anyways.

Edit: Also, I believe @Tasuki is 100% spot-on.

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I just think Sega went overboard with the hardware. They would still be here if they made a console that was just as, if not slightly more powerful than N64 with disc based media, but didn't release the Saturn.
Sega troubles, looking back, were pretty apparent. They probably could have rolled with Master System longer than they did, or never release it at all and skip to Genesis. After Genesis, they could have made a slightly weaker Dreamcast(to better meet the N64 timeline), but have discs still, then they'd still be here.
There's alot of ways that Sega could have done better, they just timed it poorly.
They had a bad habit of releasing something, not supporting it, then moving on to the next thing really quick.

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Actually it wasn't because of the 32X that caused the Saturn to be a failure. It was the Saturn itself that caused its demise or to be more accurate Sega themselves. By first announcing the launch date for September 2 1995 and than changing it to the last minute to May 11, 5 months earlier caught alot of developers off guard. For one thing alot of "launch" titles weren't ready in time which caused those companies to lose millions that they would have made if their games were launch titles. Also only four retailers were "selected" by Sega to have the systems in stores on May 11th. Retailers like Wal-mart, and KB Toys felt betrayed by Sega so when Sega did ship the systems and games to them in September the companies refused to sell them in some case and in others they devoted more of their video game retail space to Nintendo and Sony. This trend continue at some retailers through the Dreamcast era as well.

Therefore it doesn't matter whether the 32X came out and what games were available at launch.

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Nothing. Sega would still be a dumb company with dumb people in Japan not understanding that other countries sales' might matter and completely ignoring the JRPG boom of the mid to late 90s for no good reason.

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I think that releasing so much hardware in a small time frame is the real culprit.
There was the 32X, CD, then Saturn.
Even if they would have released the Jupiter prototype instead of the Saturn, they would have been better.
Releasing so many things in such few amount of years is exactly why I think Apple is next.


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Still would have failed because not a strong sonic title


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