Topic: How did you find out about NintendoLife?

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i looked for wiiware games at the time when it was wiiware world and liked the site, but i joined at this point because i had nothing else to do in my vacations

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I was looking up dsiware and found this in april

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I came across this site back when it was two separate sites (VC Reviews and WiiWare World) while searching for reviews of VC games (of course). I lurked for over a year and eventually made an account about a month or so before the merge.

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I was lead here by my god on a search for excellent VC (and WiiWare, but mostly VC) reviews. By a stroke of divine inspiration, I found this place, the promised land, and have made my home here ever since.

My god's name is Google, btw.

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Well, when WiiWare - World made videos on Youtube, I got interested in the channel, which led to me going onto NintendoLife.

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Whenever I looked up the new VC game, I got this as a link on Google. One day I just decided to join, and I'm glad I did. Nice group of gamers here.

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When I bought my Wii, I loved the Virtual Console. I found VC Reviews through Google Search, and it all began from there. By the way, why is this topic in the Other Gaming section?



I was on the hunt for energon and discovered this site. Lord Megatron kept me assigned here, secretly watching over all of you in the hopes of discovering this energon source....

Looks like the cat is out of the bag.


hmm i htink i was looking up reviews and it broughtm e to this site and i remmeber reading comments from people and i remmeber TheBlackDragon and Corbie for posting then i decided to join sinc eeveryone seemed nice

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I was looking for the top wiiware games on Google and ended up at the Top 20 wiiware games weekly list (which was not what I wanted) but I liked the news updates on Nintendo so this site became one of my favorites.



I Found the Youtube channel and then visited the site and saw some interesting forum topics
that I wanted to take part in. I think one was when you had to put a coin in a machine and the next person would tell you what you got bases on items and things from the Nintendo world. It was probably before that that I signed up.

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Well first Demon212(you may know him...on youtube) i watched his reviews and it said for more reviews visit "" and then i seemingly came across this site.

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How I manage to find out about the Virtual Console and WiiWare World? Well here's the story:

After getting my Wii online, I relied on Wikipedia for my VC news. However, I found out about my site and joined on September 2nd, 2008 as Super Sonic. Of course I got banned twice soon after.

Now that I'm back, I really enjoy the place and I would like to thank the Nintendo Life staffs for making a non-bias Nintendo site. I really apperatice it.


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I'm very glad that I joined the NintendoLife forums. I like talking to everyone here and sharing my thoughts on certain subjects. Just wish I had made a better first impression than the one I had made in late August.

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@StarBoy: hey man, i understand the regret... but it just seems to me like you bring up your early NL days once a week. nobody's holding it against you. you gave that long and well spoken apology to everyone a while back, and that should be that. everyone on NL seems very forgiving and understanding. if you need proof, go look at Gabegreens' new thread and see how many times your name pops up. let it go, man. it's in the past. you're a valued and appreciated member of NL now, so just for get "the old you". alright? don't be so down on yourself.

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Okay, I will forget. I'll just keep on moving forward, and not look back to that past. Thank you, bro2dragons.

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I was looking for a Water Warfare review, this site had the first. Then I decided to join. And here I am.


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