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So yeah how did you come upon this website? I was just searching some Nintendo stuff on Google (I forgot what) and clicked a link to here.....I stayed a while and liked it So what is your story?

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There was a link to it on Gamespot, it had reviews of VC games. I think I was trying to get a review of Phantasy Star II but I could be wrong. It took me a while to figure that there was also Wii-Ware World, then I used that site a little bit.

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I knew about this site because it used to just be Although I remember a site linking to it(?), I think. I knew since some time in 2007. Since then, I have visited it every now and then; not just to read news and reviews, but to participate in forums as well.
I love the website NintendoLife
It's my favorite website of all time, and the one place where for the first time I feel 100% social [not that I'm not social outside the site, just not as much as here].

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I was on Google around the time WiiWare was coming out, and I wanted to find reviews for VC games, and then I discovered VC-Reviews and WiiWare World. Been on it ever since then, only recently though have I been able to join it, and now I'm a member.

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back before the Wii Ware Service opened I would use Wiki to get information on upcoming wii ware games like Lostwinds and Eternity's Child. in alot of the wiki pages i would see a link to that's how I learned of this place, before it was NL. I finally came here after buying a bad game Critter Round Up, so that it would never happen again

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aaaaaaaall the way back when there was still vc-reviews, i was visiting the gamespot forums and someone posted news about the vc, sourceing vc-reviews. i clicked the link, poked around a little bit and fell in love with the site. the rest is history.
recently i joined to participate in conversations i loved to read here
(and btw, the way the forums here are much better than gamespot's )

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I did a Google search for WiiWare and it was in the top five results.
I love the layout and community here at Nintendo Life so always come back.

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I remember I was Google-ing for a Art Style: Boxlife review and Nintendolife was the top result, minutes later I was a member

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I have heard about in the german TV-show Wiimotion where the moderator Vio Tensil recommended the site to all viewers and showed some articles.

She also recommended in another episode of Wiimotion.

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I was looking for upcoming WiiWare games and reviews last december. wiiware world came up first. then I found vc-reviews, used the site and then finally joined in January. Been on here ever since. Then when WWW and VC-R merged with NLife, I started using the forums.

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Came across it while googling wiiware.



I had just quit working at Mobile Tech Review when I decided to do a site for the TurboGrafx-16 portion of the Virtual Console. Daz asked if he could use my gameplay videos for the game pages on VC-Reviews. He later asked me to write the TurboGrafx-16 hardware focus and a few reviews here and there. Soon I decided to shut my site down and come on board with VC-Reviews and to the soon-to-be-launched WiiWare World. They couldn't get rid of me after that.

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No, it makes much more sense to just revive it with your new answers, so that they can stand alongside the answers from the (numerous) members here who already posted in the original thread. If you think this old topic should be brought up again for more to participate, then bring up the old thread with it, rather than spawning an identical one.

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I dicovered VC-reveiws and wiiware world when I was lokking for a site to check moday updates (it was a pain to use the internet with my Wii back then) dident become a member untill N-fife was formed and wanted to make smat alec comments

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Reviving would have been better instead of creating this new one, but now that it's here, a merge would be the ideal resolution; unfortunately merging isn't something this forum can do, apparently.

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randomly googling for Wiiware reviews...I always had a hard time finding reviews of newly-released games...I liked being able to buy stuff as it released (or one of the following couple days) and know what I was getting into...then Wiiware World merged and boom--here I am, running the site with my pack of trained attack wolves.

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i, too was looking for vc and wiiware reviews which at the time were hard to find other places, and stumbled upon this. it's the first website of this sort i've ever been a member of. soon after i joined, i liked it so much i decided to join gamespot as well. i went on once and haven't been back. the comments there are nothing but "this game sucks" "you suck" "f*** you!" and the like. it's ridiculous, and i see no reason to be a part of such asinine practices. i prefer the actual community of nintendo life to any other website i've ever been to.

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