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As much as i love DOTA 2 and usually go premade with friends, we sometimes (when we're winning by far ) get relaxed and joke a lot about everything in the game, and we came up with this idea of a song and i decided to record it. The lyrics (in spanish) are about sticking with a girl and "give her mekansm" (dalemekansm), mixing the support role with the behaivour of being attracted to a girl.Song is instrumental version of "calabria", not quite a gentle song, but hey, we're having tons of fun with this .If this grabs enough of your attention for someone to want translated version of the lyrics, i'll be more than happy to post them.

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English please?



How bout put it in your sig,
and stop giving people headaches.

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Emeralds wrote:

How bout put it in your sig,and stop giving people headaches.

Is it really that bad?
You know, i didn't expect anyone to glorify this, but expected this to be funny at least.



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