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I'd rather at least more spend their money on updating old blockbuster (that is, good) games with new graphics, controls, and networking multiplayer in some cases.

For Every Crash Bandicoot, for every Mario, for every Age of Empires, how many utter failures are there? People still play the old classics over a new failure. And a new game that is good but different, even that isn't guaranteed.
See: Age of Empires III vs Age of Empires II. Best example I can think of. I recognize the expertise put into AOE3 and I KNOW it's a great game, but there's a reason I and other people would still play AOE2.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong against people crating genuine new games. But I'd like if those old AAA games weren't neglected either.

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Panzer Dragoon games

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I would like Ristar to be HD remaked, the original game was amazing, but it never got the attention it should have, if they did remake the game, then Ristar could have been a playable character in both sega racing games (maybe), they could redraw things and make catchy arranged music like this

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I would buy an hd remake of Halo 2.



Monster Hunter 3, oh wait...

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And Shenmue

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

I like remakes as much as the next biased Mel Gibson fan, but I'd rather see talented developers use their time and money on new games. Or at least contribute to the eShop's invisible Virtual Console section.

This. I know remakes are quick and "easy" money, but I always feel like they could put their resources to better use..

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Super Mario Land 2
Metroid II
Metroid Prime Hunters (add hunters as options for the single player)
Super Mario Brothers 2
Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion
Metroid Zero Mission
Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Super Mario Sunshine
Xenoblade Chronicles

All must allow gamepad streaming.

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All 3 Smash Bros titles in HD with Miiverse integration. Oh and feel free to add the Mario Karts as well. Thank you NINTENDO!!!


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I'm almost positive it will never happen but I'd love to see GTA Vice City get an HD update.



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