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Simply put have you ever regretted buying a video game system (console/handheld/etc)? I kinda feel like I have with a few systems I got rid of in the past like the Sega Saturn & Sega Game Gear. Most recently over the past few months I have been feeling the same way about my PSP, it's not like I don't have good games for the system actually it's the opposite. However the games though fun I'm not enjoying as much because I feel like I have to drag myself to play them, with the amount of games I have in my entire collection this is starting to get me concerned; am I just simply losing interest in my PSP?

Here are the games I have currently:

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Jeanne D' Arc
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
Final Fantasy Tactics: War Of The Lions
Loco Roco
Loco Roco 2
Star Ocean: The First Departure
Star Ocean: Second Evolution
God Of War: Chains Of Olympus
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
Castlevania: The Dracula X Collection
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Burnout Legends

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At times my original XBOX. Its not that I do not have good games for it. Its just I do not like the controller design. Great analogs but the buttons on certain games just feel unresponsive. Out of the 23 games I have for it I only really play X-Men Legends,Marvel Ultimate Alliance,Halo,Halo 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.



Actually the Saturn is one of my all time favorite consoles, perhaps second only to the N64 IMO, I don't think I have regretted any of my consoles, they all seemed to have exclusives to justify owning them, even the 32X.

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@JackofHearts. Sometimes I feel that buying my PSP was a mistake too, but usually I just play Lumines and forget why I ever thought that.

You've got most of the system's best games already, but some you should still check out are Lumines (obviously), one of the SOCOM: Fire Team Bravos (you might not like them though. SOCOM is one of those games that only certain people can appreciate), Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man Powered Up!

Other than the occaisional PSP buyer's remorse, I've been happy with all the consoles I've ever owned. Though sometimes I regret having bought a 360.


grenworthshero wrote:

Nope. Up until recently I've only ever bought Nintendo systems and I've never been let down.

You and me both.
But I bought a 360 earlier this year and loved it... at first. Then got sick of it, played my Wii, and then sold the 360 for a DSi. Sad isn't it? Buying a Nintendo handheld, rather than a Microsoft home console.

Oh and I bought a Genesis at one time.

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Nothing so far. No one console has let me down so far. Let's hope it stays that way.

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Speaking of the R-Zone... any Game.COM owners here?



The only system that has really disappointed me was the Nintendo Gamecube. I was hoping that the Gamecube would be the full return of my relationship fully as a consumer of Nintendo and live up to the PS2. Man was I wrong. I got bored of the system really quick and only got six games for the system. Overall, it's the most disappointing system I've ever owned. At least the Wii delievers.

And we should expect a few people regretting getting a Wii.


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No, not really no... Maybe my SNES but not because I don't want a SNES but because I should have bought a Multi-X system instead (so I could play NTSC titles too). But at the same time, it's almost impossible to find a system like that anymore and I'm not missing out on too many games anyway.


@SSBBFan: People regretting a wii, on a nintendo forum? And.. you didnt like the cube ?

The only system I really didnt like was the original xbox. I had some okay games for it, but I didnt have much fun with it. But when my aunt brought me a GameCube, I was so excited that I gave it away to my cousin. I also had some pretty awesome games for the cube also.

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I haven't regret getting any game consoles before & I even not refreting of not getting certian consoles like the DSi.
If fact as far as I'm concern the DSi CPU is like the DS Lites CPU Exact same internals from previous incarnations but different model number from previous incarnations.
Why when Nintendo has allready got the DS successor in the works to spend all there money on that they need to spend the same amount of money for only a small update of a current DS design.



@WhoKnew: I regret the Xbox even more then the Gamecube. The only reason why I was disappointed with the Gamecube was the fact that I didn't get many games. The Xbox had plenty of time to prove itself and it failed.


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Y'know, this thread is basically another invitation for Corbie to write about the 3DO. =P
In regards to me, no, I haven't regretted buying a video game system.

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VGP wrote:

before Corbie gets to this thread I will post up a 3DO pic!
The 3DO is our Pandora's Box,this system unleashes HELL IN YOUR HOUSE!!!

LOL now that's just a awesome picture VGP .

Anyway guys thanks for the replies, wow I didn't think I'd get so many people posting on a topic that's not so original .



Yeah, dropping $500+ bucks on my 3DO back in the mid 1990's wasn't the best of moves, but I had just gotten out of college, had a job which paid pretty good money and so I had some to burn. I do LOVE Way of the Warrior, but not for $500. It's still in my attic. Whether it actually works or not, I have no idea.

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Yep, totally bought a Just found it in storage the other day. Lights Out was actually kinda fun, but the system itself failed because of concept over execution. If you check the link to Thunder Panda in my sig, I did a write up on the good ol' com.

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I completely regret buying a PS1, not so many worth or memorable titles on it... and kinda regret getting the PSP, I still need to get more games for it I guess..

If it wasn't for it's Linux and Blu-Ray playing capabilities, I would be regretting the PS3... LittleBigPlanet didn't live up to it's hype...

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