Topic: Have you ever bought a game you have never heard of and ended up liking it?

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No, I've always done my research. There's only one way I like to gamble with my money, and that is playing Texas Hold'em.



KaiserGX wrote:

Samurai Warriors 3.

Hah, I was going to say that, but it doesn't quite fit for me. I knew about the Warriors games previously, I just avoided them because the reviews said they were crap. That was a mistake.

I bought Kings Field 4 on the PS2 having known nothing about the game or the series. It blew me away, and continues to do so now it has become Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.


CanisWolfred wrote:

I like the sense of discovery myself. I feel life has gotten much more boring now that I research everything beforehand.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

I like the sense of discovery myself. I feel life has gotten much more boring now that I research everything beforehand.

I totally get that.
There was something magical for me back in the "glory days" of the NES when you'd head to to the video store on a Friday with a mate or two, grab some unknown game based on nothing more than the box art or maybe what you heard on about something at recess, and either discover something awesome (Blaster Master, Battletoads) or laugh at some pile of garbage of a game (X-Men, Back to the Future ... hell, anything by LJN).

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I'm sure many people had this experience.

  • Zone of the Enders (PS2): I remember getting this game solely by its game cover, and it was mainly the best game I've experienced for its story back then.
  • Tropico 3 (Steam): I literally bought this out of impulse when it was on sale, and I love being a dictator of a small island >:3
  • Recettear (Steam): I heard about it from the Extra Credits video series, and I love the friendly atmosphere and the hilarious dialogue
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Steam): I saw it on Steam and decided to download the demo. After buying it later on, it's my favorite horror game at this moment.

All of my games on Gamecube were bought by research thanks to the internet.

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The original Warioware game, I just saw it in gamestop one day as a kid and never heard of it, but it had Wario on it, so I gave it a go and really enjoyed it, I remember playing the final boss microgame "Wario's Adventure" in my 3rd grade class for the first time and everybody was watching me, and when I got the golden poop treasure (that's what came out of the chest) and escaped, I was the talk of the school forever.

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