Topic: Has anyone here lost any video games

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Nope. Never had any of mine lost. I did get my games stolen at one point during my school times and I've managed to get them all back.

Why don't you get your stuff secured by having locks or something? Or even better, just go to someplace where its safe. Of course reality shows that nowhere's safe but I'm sure that there's a solution to all of this mess.

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I once lost my Japanese copy of pokemon white for a couple of years. Thankfully I recently found it in a pokemon pearl ds case of all places when I was organizing my games.


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Over the years I've lost every main series GBA Pokemon game I owned apart from Emerald. I also lost my copy of Mario VS Donkey Kong. Can't think of anything else though, but the fact that GBA games didn't have a proper plastic case like every other system was most likely the main reason they were so easy to lose for me when I was younger.

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The only game I ever lost was Super Mario 3D Land. I either lost it at a swap meet, or it's stuck in my couch, but I looked for it pretty hard.

I've had one game get stolen, I think. It was Game & Watch Gallery 2.

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I haven't, though I've only ever had one portable (the original brick-size Gameboy), so that's probably why. It's much harder to lose something when it's always sitting in your living room.

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The only game that comes to mind for me right now is Final Fantasy VI Advance on GBA. Funny thing is I dont remember owning it (I remember owning FF IV) but I guess I must have cause I have an empty box for it. But I have not been able to find the game at. I don't remember trading it in or loaning it to anyone but I guess I must of had it at one point cause I have a box for it.

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Nope. My stuff doesn't leave my apartment

Unless it's being moved to my new apartment

In which case I move it myself and ensure it arrives safely to said apartment



I gave my friend a copy of Skyward Sword because I thought he'd like it, and he went off and SOLD it the very same day. I can't stand him much anymore.

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I lost a whole Sega Dreamcast system and a good chunk of PS1/N64 games. Specifically Conkers Bad Fur Day and some really good Squaresoft RPG's.. feels bad man.

I should add that I wasn't very clear headed at the time and I was moving around a lot, I was just out of high school and going through some stuff. I had an idea of where the stuff SHOULD have been, but for some reason it's not. Odds are it was all sold off without my knowledge.

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I've lost Zoo Keeper, WarioWare Touched, and Nintendogs lab and friends over the years.

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We have a very large collection of games, so many "friends" of my kid targeted us. I think that we lost close to 20-30 games, specially DS Mario games, so I started to have at least 2 copies of each Mario-themed DS game (including Wario, DK), as well as some Kirby and Zelda games.

After the 3DS arrived, we've lost Mario Kart 7, a WWF Wrestling game and Ridge Racer, as well as about 5 DS games. We misplaced Mario Tennis until it appeared while fixing the couch.

The most hard-to-cope-with lost had to be the 3 Ninja Turtle games. Cart-only replacements (which we always avoid so as not to buy counterfeited ones) go for as little as 25 bucks on Amazon and eBay!!



Pokémon Sapphire. I miss it to this day.

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I lost my Pokemon Yellow, Red, Blue, and Gold. Well, more like my cousins lost it when they borrowed it from me when we were kids. After that, I don't think I have ever let anyone borrow my games ever again.

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The saddest thing that ever happened to me. I was really young at the time (maybe 8?) and I was a McDonald's (yuck ). I was playing with my Gameboy SP and inside it was Pokemon Ruby. I already finished the whole game. I started with Mudkip and leveled it up to a LVL 100 Swampert. I had legendaries too. My mom and I were leaving since we were going to Central Park. I step outside the McD's and realize that I forgot my Gameboy. I ran inside and find nothing. Not even more than 1 minute and it was GONE. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even have the Gameboy for more than a year. I went outside bawling my eyes out. My whole trip to Central Park was nothing but crying and sadness. From that day on, every other Pokemon game was boring and depressing and it could not match the awesomeness that was Generation 3...

Now that they made remakes, I'm not planning on getting either version. It's just too depressing for me now...


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i wuz eatin mcdonlds 1 day whyile i wuz a litle boi.
i had pokmon ruby in my gaemboy SP.
i playd it so muhc, all teh tim.
my mom caul me cuz we wuz leevin.
i run outsid, cearfree.
i notic i lef mah SP insid.
i run as fas as i can.
i serch all teh tebles.
i cant find it anywer.
i cry. i cry alot.
i loss erverytin.
i loss mah lvl 100 swampet.
i loss mah legendery pokemans.
i loss may.

lik dis if u cry evertim.

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Thanks to having little siblings, I have lost about twenty-five DS cartridges, and around fifteen GBA games. The only console game I've(they've) lost is Twilight Princess.

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I have lost lots of stuff.

That includes video games. Lots of them. Specially when I was a kid.

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I have lost basically every Ubisoft PC Game I have ever bought regardless of whether I still have the physical disk they are useless due to the DRM.

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