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Hello I have played almost all the harvest moon games and love everyone of them, no matter how bad they can get "cuff,island of happiness". But a problem I see when I play this game is...NO ONE I KNOW PLAYS IT BECAUSE IT'S "only for girls" says my every friend! So I ask is there anyone out there who plays harvest moon and enjoys it?

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They are plenty of males who play Harvest Moon.
There's a thread here about the recent release, HM3D.
And if you ever want friends or whatever, you can always visit dedicated forum sites, such as this one.

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I enjoy Harvest Moon games, I started with Harvest Moon on the SNES back when I was a kid and I still enjoy Harvest Moon games today.

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I know quite a few men who like Harvest Moon. Even one of my brothers will play it every now and then.

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Many people including men like farm simulators. Nothing wrong with that.

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Actually, the response I get is usually "WTF is that?" Of course, there's that one friend who goes "you need to to play real games..." That said, i do have another friend who loves the series; he thinks it "f-ing stupid, but still fun".

I jumped on the HM ship with A New Beginning, because someone on this site actually introduced it to me. I've since gotten a few of the other main series games, along with 5/6 of all the Rune Factory games (missing Tides of Destiny).

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Your friends sound narrow-minded. Games are games. Play what you enjoy.

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Harvest Moon rocks. Play what you want, man.



Wait, there's people who think harvest moon is for girls?

The series has been made to appeal mostly males since its origins.

Btw, stay away from the ushi no tane forums if you want harvest mooning friends. They're kinda crazy in there.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Ideal_Hero wrote:

I say enjoy the games you like.

What kind of logic is this?

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RedPanda wrote:

Ideal_Hero wrote:

I say enjoy the games you like.

What kind of logic is this?

Guess that means, I'm not using my friends controllers ever again.

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