Topic: Gran Turismo 6 Demo (GT Academy 2013)

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Has anyone played this yet?

I haven't played a Gran Turismo game since the second installment on PS1, but this demo is so infuriating! I've never come across anything like it. Polyphony have tried so hard to create realistic driving controls that they've managed to completely suck the fun out of it. I can see driving enthusiasts getting something out of it, but for everyone else this is a really boring experience.

Plus, I'm not sure what I was expecting from the graphics and presentation, but I was very underwhelmed. Good lighting aside, everything looks really flat and clinical, with NO vehicle damage at all. I've heard a lot about the confusing menus from GT5, and from what I saw, they haven't learned a thing. Overall, this game was a total chore to play.

But that's just my opinion. Thoughts?

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