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I just bought a 1600 XBL points card and downloaded the updates for PGR3 and PGR4 as well as Twin Ring for Forza 2. I just test drove the Z8 in PGR3, and it's amazing. On one of the New York courses, there's a stretch across a bridge, and the Z8 got up to 165 mph in sixth gear before I had to brake. I also like that the update adds more production cars to PGR3, as I was disappointed that the game overemphasized supercars.

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is PGR a microsoft property. i keep meaning to try but i'm hooked on the fozra 3 demo.
aslo what's your gametag


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PGR was developed by Bizarre Creations for Microsoft Game Studios as an spiritual successor to their racing game for the SEGA Dreamcast... I dunno who's the copyright holder, but it might be just like with Halo, that Microsoft owns the franchise even though Bungie made it... that would explain why Bizarre hasn't announced anything PGR-related ever since they became independent...

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I only got XBL so I could update my games. I have no intention of playing online.

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