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undead_terror wrote:

since we are talking about slender, found this funny comic called noteworthy

LOL! Very funny!

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@Undead_terror that guy's voice is really annoying...

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I thought Alan Wake was awesome. Of course the classics, fatal frame, eternal darkness, silent hill, resident evil, nightmare creatures

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My personal favorites include:

Alan Wake
Silent Hill
Dino Crisis (Oh yes, I went there)
DayZ ( An Arma 2 zombie mod that is just.... amazing!)
Dead Space 2
Sword of the Berserker (Dreamcast)



Dino Crisis and parasite eve. maybe D D2.

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it''s q2


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Fatal Frame 2.

Plenty of 'OH SH**!?!' moments.

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The PS2 Fatal Frame games, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and the first three Silent Hill games are really quite amazing horror games. Very frightening.

Also, play Slender: The Eight Pages alone, with the lights off, and tell me that game doesn't freak you out.

Lone Survivor is also quite neat, although not very scary.

Clock Tower 1 on the PS1 was quite tense at times. The original Alone in the Dark has its moments. I also recommend checking out Haunting Ground and Clock Tower 3.

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Try playing Ju-On the Grudge. I couldn't sleep for 3 days straight!

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The Original condemned is pretty unsettling.


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bezerker99 wrote:

Eternal Darkness: Sanities Requiem.

Also @ogo79 ....if The Karate Kid is a 'horror' game because it's just an awful, bad game in general - that's cool; I'd like to add Metroid: Other M to the mix then.

I can't believe I forgot this! Easily one of the most amazing horror games I have ever played.

On that note, the Gamecube remake of RE is amazing as well.

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Sony_70 wrote:

The Original condemned is pretty unsettling.

And is still one of the best games this gen. Anybody who owns a 360 should play that game.




amfp is delayed. after summer

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