Topic: Games where you are or can choose to be, the bad guy.

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I feel like there aren't a lot of games like this. Grand Theft Auto comes to mind, though they often go for crook more than outright villain, and there is always someone worse than you in those games. Another couple were the Star Wars KOTOR games where you could choose to go full Dark Lord of the Sith murder Jedi and take over the Galaxy. In the Civilization games I often enjoy being terrible to my rivals even when I don't have to. Often on the turn before I win via science victory I will nuke some random city that annoyed me. Just cause I can.

How interesting would a Bowser game be? Capture Peach, take over the mushroom kingdom, dump Mario down some bottomless pit?

Or how about a game where you play as the dark emperor or wizard and you have to kill the band of heroes coming to kill you and free the land? I feel like I have seen small parody or joke games like that, but never a serious title.

A cool game in my opinion would be playing the corrupt Politician or military leader who overthrows a democracy and declares himself king or emperor.

What games can you think of like this? Or what games have you played where you are, or at least felt like you were, the bad guy?

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Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines comes to mind. It's a flawed masterpiece (2005, PC). If you liked KOTOR you will love this (although blood sucking vampires instead of jedi).

Other than that there's always postal and carmageddon. Oh and Wario Land, Wario is a greedy fella.

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When you do a genocide run in Undertale you are the worst kind of evil. Killing any of the main characters will make you feel like a complete ***hole. Everyone tries so hard to stop you from destroying their world. But you decided to just serial kill all these kind monsters out of curiosity or some other messed up reason.

When you try to kill the monster kid the description says: ''looks like free exp'' isn't that just brutal xD

Here is what I'm talking about, spoilers I guess:

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Black and White: Play as a nurturing god or a child sacrificing one.
Overlord: Use your minions to club baby seals and conquer the land
Dungeon Keeper: Same as above but as an RTS

Heavyarms55 wrote:

A cool game in my opinion would be playing the corrupt Politician or military leader who overthrows a democracy and declares himself king or emperor.

Fable 3 can (sort-of) play out like this.

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Infamous Second Son on PS4 has a good guy ending as well as a bad guy ending.

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I would be really interested in a Zelda (spin off) where you play as Ganondorf.
I mean, the world of Zelda traditionally has the parts of Triforce "wisdom" and "courage" and "power" maintaining some sort of balance. Every holder of a Triforce kind of has a role to play, though somehow Ganondorf is the only one of the three striving to get hold of the others.
So a game from his viewpoint could flesh out the character and his (maybe even relatable) aims more.
The fascinating thing about the "bad guys" is that they usually are only seen as such by people not sharing their views (in real life at least). I hardly think any political leader ever thought to himself "harhar! let it begin, my reign of evil!". Even Hitler probably thought of himself as a rather good person and believed in his aims to be for the better.
I think Ganondorf could fit this category aswell. After all he does hold the Triforce of Power, not the Triforce of Evil and at least I know pretty much nothing about him being King of the Gerudo and "The Thief" as established in Ocarina of Time. I think this really could be interesting and pretty complex.
Okay, he is kind of cursed, but still I think this might work out somehow.

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There's a 2D platformer on Steam called Nefarious in which you play as the guy kidnapping princesses... And the boss fights are in reverse too! In one of them you fly around in a machine like Robotnik's and try to thwart the run n' jumping hero, in another it's a Final Fantasy combat screen with your character as the big sprite on the left and a party trying to take you down. I'd love it to come out on Switch.




@Tiefseemiez If there was a Zelda strategy game I sure hope it would include Ganondorf campaign as well. Even if it would ultimately be "non-canon".




I Never like to play as Bad guy.
I HATE it.
I Always like to play as Good guys to Save the world or someone.
That's also based on my habit in reality, Always be Nice or Kind to someone.
That's NOT Cool at all.

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Syndicate was a game where you played the villain. You ran a corporation and sent agents on missions to assassinate rivals, quell revolts and so on, while using mind control on the population, with the end goal of taking over the world.

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@Anti-Matter Hey there is nothing wrong with that. Playing as the good guy is my default too. But sometimes I just enjoy having Rome nuke the Aztecs before colonizing Mars while America and China try in vain to invade me with muskets and black powder cannons.

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@Solid_Stannis Oh god almighty please do not remind me of my Halo 3 days... shudders

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I tend to gravitate towards "good guy" characters, though I wouldn't mind seeing more games where you're the anti-hero or, as someone mentioned above, you turn out to be the villain despite your seemingly just actions. I'm not one to play as an evil character without any substance or understandable motives, though.

Tbh I haven't played too many games where you aren't the hero in some form. If we're counting the Wario Land series, I suppose those apply. I've played a little of GTA (Liberty City) on a relative's PS2 and just didn't really care for it; what really took the cake there was that I tried to save an old man from being mugged, only to have him start hitting my character instead. -_-' From what little of what I do know of my upcoming Golden Sun: The Lost Age playthrough, that may thrust me into an anti-hero role of sorts.

Edit: Ah, forgot that my recent sessions of FE Fates: Conquest may count if one fully sympathizes with Hoshido. Also, does piracy in AC IV count? Because I admittedly enjoyed pillaging ships.

@Tiefseemiez: I liked how in my recent (and first!) playthrough of The Wind Waker, Ganondorf's motives were somewhat alluded to near the end; he essentially described Hyrule as a promised land of sorts and how different it was from the harsh wasteland he grew up in. That's not to say I agree with his motives, but it was interesting to see briefly into what might have fueled his actions in Ocarina of Time.

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Not mine, came across this online a while ago and seems fitting for this thread -

You play as a humble peasant who must fight off waves of adventurers who feel entitled to just waltz into your house and loot whatever they please.


Humble Peasant starts killing adventurers that enter their home

Humble Peasant keeps their weapons, magic items, and gold

Humble Peasant realizes that stronger and stronger adventurers are coming to claim their growing pile of loot

Humble Peasant builds traps and fortifications to keep them out

Humble Peasant procures exotic pets to help defend their home

Humble Peasant continues to amass more and more loot and attract stronger and stronger adventurers

Humble Peasant has to keep building up and fortifying their home, traps, and pets to keep the adventurers out

Humble Peasant suddenly realizes that they have accidentally built a dungeon. It’s fortified and full of traps, monsters, and treasure, and the Humble Peasant is the boss.

Humble Peasant realizes that adventurers will never leave them alone now.

Humble Peasant hates adventurers.

Humble Peasant accidentally becomes major villain.

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braid? maybe? never played it but i heard there is a twist

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@6ch6ris6 No, Braid does not have a good or bad ending. Their are two different endings. One ending you get if you play the game normally, and another if you get all the collectibles. Don't want to say anything else due to spoilers.


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dimi wrote:

Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines comes to mind. It's a flawed masterpiece (2005, PC). If you liked KOTOR you will love this (although blood sucking vampires instead of jedi).

Other than that there's always postal and carmageddon. Oh and Wario Land, Wario is a greedy fella.

Bloodlines was an incredible game. One of the best games I've ever played. I just wish there were more games like it.



@subpopz See Ganon was misunderstood all along. Take that Link! (seriously I was grateful that BOTW make s him less of a klepto)

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