Topic: Games that should return to their roots.

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Paper Mario, Resident Evil, Dragon Ball Z (this one should actually just be retired completely), James Bond, Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, the Sims, Spiderman, Harry Potter and console Pokemon games (why can't they just give us Stadium 3?)



In general, I don't like the idea of game series going back to their roots. I applaud Sonic and Paper Mario for diversifying with each release—in particular I was afraid Sonic was going to go stale after three games with basically the same control style (Unleashed, Colors, and Generations), but then Lost World came and quashed all my fears. Sonic Boom is already set to be another unique entry into this series of unique entries.

BUT—but—I would say that the Mario Kart series could use a re-rooting. (Tee hee!) And I don't mean make it completely skill-based or some silliness like add more balance, the thing that made Mario Karts DS through 7 a lot less fun (though still great); I mean make the local multiplayer good again. Has anyone tried playing Mario Kart Wii or 7 with only two players? It's not fun. The two players just drive through the spacious courses practically independent of each other, obtaining items that can't really do much. Multiplayer was way more fun when the courses weren't so wide (not that MK64 was perfect in this regard ) and all players except the one in first place got the same items. Then make the game funny (e.g. cars flying into the air or tumbling about when hit by shells in MK64), scale down the courses, and loosen up the controls a little to narrow the rift between experts and novices, and Mario Kart will be good for more than online again.


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Let's see

Spyro — I know it wont ever happen because people are duped into buying action figures for a video game and Activision is making a ton of money off of those fools. But just once I would love to see Spyro come back in a game like the first three on Playstation

Final Fantasy — I want a nice sprite based adventure with a good storyline not some over dramatic interactive anime.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Stop trying to make platform brawlers and just make an arcade brawler like in the past. Doesn't have to be anything fancy just something with great control, and level design.

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1. Super Monkey Ball (the spirit of the first two, but the graphics of the Wii U)
2. Metroid (make a 2D original game on 3DS)

...and ditto to Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

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Definitely Shining Force. It's almost criminal that Sega didn't even bother to finish localizing SF3 and then took a big dump on the franchise after that.


  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Castlevania
  • Sonic
  • Silent Hill

I would say Final Fantasy, but Bravely Default has already done that. There's also plenty of other people making good JRPGs that I'm not really yearning for classic FF games. FF is currently overlorded by a guy who clearly hates video games and life in general, so I'll leave him to that.

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