Topic: Games that should return to their roots.

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Please, put down any and all games that you feel should return to their original style. No need to state reasoning, though.

Mine is Mario vs. Donkey Kong

I feel that actually using Mario like the GBA one is better. I love that one's gameplay style.



Paper Mario.

The games have gotten worse over time. (First two were great, third was ok, fourth was not so good)

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I'd say Paper Mario but I want them to expand on the gameplay of the 2nd game more than anything because we don't need Mario going back to his roots again for another decade at this point.

I'm thinking of a series that begins with Cas and ends with vania.

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Shining Force
Phantasy Star
Resident Evil
Final Fantasy
Silent Hill
Devil May Cry
Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the Dragon
Shadow Run



Resident Evil.

Revelations was a step in the right direction but still had plenty of awful fast-paced sections.


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Call of Duty. The first games were awesome, single player driven campaigns taking place at historic time periods. As awesome as Modern Warfare was at the time, it was the final knife in the franchise that killed any chance of them making a WWII or WWI era game again.

Oh, and for God's sake, please bring a console version of Phantasy Star that isn't an MMO.

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Paper Mario
Resident Evil
Final Fantasy

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I don't think Final Fantasy has much good reason to just go back to its roots (though an FFIX style HD game could be amazing) as much as it needs to be made by the many other people that actually make JRPGs that are both actually new in some ways and GASP actually good in both gameplay and story.

besides they literally just released a game just like that

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Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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Well I immediately thought the same as everyone else and Paper Mario sprung to mind

Mostly because Paper Mario 64 was my favorite Nintendo game ever made.



Can't believe nobody mentioned Banjo-Kazooie yet.

I haven't actually played any of the Banjo-Kazooie games besides a bit of the first one but this seems like it would make a lot of people happy.

Also seconded Crash and Spyro, I actually liked them but the Titans and Legend reboots they got were just too drastically different.

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Paper Mario and Castlevania are my two major requests.

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Resident Evil - (imagine something like the remake but in first or 3rd person using pointer controls combined with RE's old school styled cinematic camera angles reminiscent of RE3.5 instant over the shoulder aiming mechanics. RE has gone mindless, it has sold out big time. I'd love to see a a giant slew of puzzles utlizing the wii remote(ala' zack & Wiki), tons of back tracking, saving ammo like they're diamonds, no hollywood cliche BS, taking a break from the familiar cast(Chris, Leon, Jill ect) and starting fresh for once. And bring back Barry!

Super Mario - (Recent titles have been spewing out 1-ups and power ups out like trick r' treats on halloween, rendering coin collecting completely pointless. Game Over's have no meaning anymore. When i die at lets say 3-5 i want to LOSE all of my stair cons and start RIGHT back at 3-1. This is the way it should be. I don't care if it will frustrate soccer moms and the new generation of weakling 'no patience' gamers. At least have the option for us seasoned players.

Castlevania - (More ClassicVania, less MetroidVania and NO MORE Lord of Shadows-god of war ripping button mashing boring BS for the tween-casuals. Those aren't castlevania games, nor do they have ANY real resemblance gameplay wise. Yeesh.

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splinter cell - more stealth please
metal gear solid - more realism and stealth please
lego games - stop these stupid movie games that all play exactly the same !!!

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WaveBoy wrote:

Super Mario - (Recent titles have been spewing out 1-ups

Like the first one totally didn't.

Games that should return to their roots - Thief (IF you want to ghost it, don't pickpocket or don't pick up too much stuff - it's bad... I can't believe it), Splinter Cell (too much forced action stuff, at least you could still ghost, though), SimCity (city is way too small - I get it what they wanted to do, problem is, with the space so small to build the city, all the cities will look the same, because you want to use all the space, and there is only one way to do it in a space small like this). These at least are possible, but FF is beyond repair. I can't think of any more, because with most I'm happy



i forgot one:
tony hawk's pro skater

make it arcade again! there needs to be something different than the more realistic "skate"-series

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

metal gear solid - more realism and stealth please

You clearly have no idea at what you're talking about.


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Aviator wrote:

6ch6ris6 wrote:

metal gear solid - more realism and stealth please

You clearly have no idea at what you're talking about.

I was going to say. If anything is hurting the MGS series, its the adherance to realism. I liked the gameplay when it was less complex and more game-y.

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Castlevania. (Ideally back to Rondo of Blood which I think is the best it has been yet. Or X68000. Don't like the bosses on the first NES one (No life in them) or the second run through.)

Super Mario Bros (Want Star Coins removed completely - difficulty put to something reasonable and pairs of games like the original and the lost levels were (A reasonable one and a hard one). Miles less super mushrooms and always go small if you get hit. Disallow redoing levels.

DuckTales (Remastered is rubbish it is nowhere near as tight gameplay wise.)

Metal Slug (7 just wasn't right).

Everything - go back to proper controls and 60fps.

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