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I love game gear games, especially the sonic ones, but game gears are big and the battery life sucks, and the screens are awful. i was wondering if anyone had heard of a game gear clone? ive seen one, but you couldnt plug cartridges into it, it just had built in games


Nope, though I have sometimes considered ordering a Game Gear myself. What better way to catch up with those Shinobi, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck handheld titles? ^^

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The only ones i've seen is the plug-n-play style clones released by Coleco and others a while ago, with games already installed and no cartridge port. As you've said, not what you're looking for.

Try looking for a Master System clone system, as some might also play GG titles. Beyond that, i think Majesco released a version of it around late '90s/early '00s or so. No idea on the quality or features, but you may be able to track down some info.

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Yeah they have the portable-screen devices, both for Game Gear and Sega games....I think they only sell them in the UK though. I've come across reviews for them when processing for Argos, so I'd assume they're sold there...although, as a processor/moderator of reviews, I'll let you know that I've seen a couple compliments of them not lasting much longer than a week (Genesis devices, not Game Gear/Master System versions, but still) before the screen goes out. But yeah, nothing you can put games into--all preloaded. Now, if there's a way to flash new ram onto it to make use of whatever emulator the system uses and put on different games.....yeah that seems like wishful thinking.

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