Topic: Free (PC) Strong Bad game from Telltale games - Jan 13th 2010

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Today is Trogday!

In celebration, Telltale games is giving a free episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.
This is the final episode "SBCG4AP: 8-bit is Enough".

Or, you can get all 5 episodes for $20.

Ends at midnight.

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I was going to buy this game this weekend. This thread just saved me ten dollars. Thank You for posting it.

And thanks to TellTale for the offer. Long live the Burninator!

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Excellent, thank you Mallouff. I've been curious about these games, but been put off by the episodic nature, and the fact I know nothing about the source material. Now I can have a quick go for free, and see if it's the sort of thing I need on my Wii. Thanks again!



Gotta love Telltale


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Curses, I am away from my gaming PC...

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Objection_Blaster wrote:

Curses, I am away from my gaming PC...

you can still "buy it" with your Telltale account and download it later from another PC...

Good offer, but I already got the whole Strong Bad games, along with the Collector's Edition DVD (paid like $35 for the pack and $10 for DVD shipping charges)

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The promotion is over.
So if a mod wants they can now either lock or delete this thread as it served it's purpose.

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I... missed... Trogday? NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! D'X



I could have snatched the game, but I don't own a PC...

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