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Just got home, and downloading them now.

I'm bringing the chips.

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Hey thanks for the heads up, Tasuki. I've played the 1st and 2nd iterations but haven't played Fallout Tactics before so I'll get it while I can.

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I've just started downloading the first game and will give it a try tonight.

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Looks like it's time for me to see what my PC can do, game wise.

EDIT: Haha. NVM. I thought it was gonna be like Fallout 3.

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I guess it's like Fallout 3, except without a third dimension. And they actually spent money on the writing department back then.



Alright! I'm now playing Fallout! It reminds me strongly of the Terminator so far, or even old sci-fi films of the 60's/70's. It's really cool! ...a bit slow so far, but the story seems cool so far!
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Just to let everyone know today is the last day of the free sale so if you haven't grabbed them.

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hm i already tried them 2 years ago or so and i had no idea what to do and how to play the game :/

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Thanks for sharing this! I've been wanting to play these titles for a while now.

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Oh my God, I spent all day trying to get this to work. If anybody's having any trouble try:

Setting Falloutw.exe compatibility to Win95

Installing Hi-Res Patch 4.1.5

and maybe even Fallout v.1.3.5 patch by TeamX (a fanpatch)

That last one I'm not sure if it's really necessary, but I definitely needed to do the first 2 to get it to work on my 2007 Dell XP PC...

GOG also has a semi-helpful FAQ if you have any other problems.

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Gioku wrote:

@CanisWolfred: Do you mean you had issues getting the program to run? It ran perfectly for me on the first try... what exactly does the Hi-Res patch do?

I don't know. But once I installed it the game started working.

...for about 5 minutes, then my graphics card broke. T_T

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Sorry to bump this but the Fallout games have been removed from GOG. If you bought them or got them for free, then you still have access to them. But they're no longer available for purchase. Interplay's merchandising rights for the original Fallout games expired today.



Yeah thats why I suspected that they put them up for free a few weeks ago. That way they could get them out to as many people as they could cause who knows if these will ever be released again.

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