Topic: Final Fantasy III is coming to the PSP.

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Reminds me I should beat FF 3 on DS

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I... I was hoping for a 2D version to go with my FF I, II and IV too. These are great.

Why would they just port the DS/iPad version to the PSP? That's just lazy.

I know I'll end up buying this anyways, but still

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Already bet this game on DS, you know it's a grind-heavy RPG right? I spent over 150 hours grinding various jobs to lvl.99, I think i experimented with 15 different jobs, I don't have a PSP any more and I knew SE was going to port this over eventually. Come on Squarie, Bring us those rumored FF V & VI remakes to the 3DS!

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^You don't actually have to grind for most of the game. You do need to be at least level 55 to beat the final boss, but I was pretty close to that when I got there without doing any grinding up until that point.

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John_1029 wrote:

I really hope the Code-Name NX is not a sandwich oven.

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ChocoGoldfish wrote:

Yeah, that. FF3 was surprisingly easy to get through without grinding considering how old the game is.

That last boss is a royal pain though.

Oh yeah he is. Almost lowered the game by a star because of him.

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John_1029 wrote:

I really hope the Code-Name NX is not a sandwich oven.

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I remember playing the original version. Got to the final dungeon but never finished it because it was incredibly long.
First you have to go through one mini-dungeon to reach the actual dungeon, then you have the last save point. But then you have to do like 8 floors down to reach a healing place, then go back up like six floors from the starting point before... stuff happens...
It's been rumored the designers originally planned to include the game's only indoor save point in the empty room before the unwinnable boss fight (you have to let it kill you, but it will fully heal you afterwards), but took it out. (so angry)

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i kinda wanted a 2d port like how psp had FFI FFII and FFIV but what ever a final fantasy is a final fantasy and i want it

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Kind of late for the PSP, but some life is always good life for systems on their way out. I'll still definitely buy it though!

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Supposedly it's been announced the Japanese game will have an option for English text.
If so, that would make us wonder if Square-Enix plans to release the PSN version in the west? (if it's already in the game, wouldn't it be a pretty low risk release?)



I never pick up the DS version,But I'd like to get this,shame I haven't got a PSP.

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