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This game looks sick amazing graphics will be picking this up on day one. GOTY 2010 for sure

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You've already decided on next year's Game of the Year? Huh.

It does look pretty, I'll give you that. Worth a rental just to look at. The 3D Final Fantasies haven't exactly been riveting in my experience, though. They've all been so very slow, that I've played (7, 10, and 12, I think). So I'm not sold until I know more, though I'll consider buying it just because I know I'll never finish it in a rental period.

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It's gonna be awesome; they're just plain old good, fun-to-play games. TBH all the 3D ones post-PS1 have actually been quite fast and all great in their own right (except FF12's story was kinda busted); never played 11 online so can't comment. I'm definitely buying it; probably picking up Vs. XIII too, as PS3 exclusivity can only mean better graphics.

EDIT - PS1 games were all good too, PS1 just aged like absolute garbage (like almost everything else 3D on the console).

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Vs. XIII looks amazing. I'm much more interested in that, despite knowing next to nothing about it. Just has the cooler atmosphere / vibe to it. Weird name though. I was under the impression it was actually a multi-player title until someone corrected me recently. I don't understand Square's odd practice of developing and releasing multiple games of the same name around the same time. Seems like they should have spread them out.

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@Adam - That's a relatively recent trend; and I don't know if it can so be called due to the fact that this is really only the second example of that (the only other example of close-to-this would be the FFVII-related onslaught a few years back). Regardless, the whole FFVII IP cash-in worked pretty well for SE (everything sold plenty of copies) so I doubt they're gonna fix what isn't yet broken.

EDIT: Agito XIII for PSP looks awesome as well

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I may actually pick up a PS3 in order to buy Vs. XIII. I want that game a lot more than XIII, much more interesting.


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I doubt Zelda Wii and Other M are gonna get GoTY....and MG 2 is a direct sequel. Again, assuming XIII will before release isn't any more feasible, but TP wasn't even close to GoTY and MG already happened once. Also, Prime already GoTY-ed so there's that "let's not seem biased towards the Metroid series" that works against it. I see no reason to assume these titles have any higher of a chance than XIII.

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FF 13 does, in fact, look amazing! Though 360 gamers have to wait longer than PS3 gamers, I can still hold out!

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irken004 wrote:

I thought this was coming out next year?

True. It's coming out in Japan a few months from now and to NA in the spring.

We can be excited now though! I can't wait.

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i always hated how jp got ff first
Im getting the 360 version

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I remember thinking FFX looked amazing, which it did, also found it pretty disappointing though, and the less said about FF8 the better IMO, just because its from the main series doesn't mean it will end up being any good, hope it is though.

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I just hope it has better character design that most of the Final Fantasy titles. Shouldn't be hard.

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I hope the story is ALOT better then FF12!!
I also hope the music will be great too,shame that Nobuo Uematsu won't be making the music IIRC.
btw,I'm getting the 360 version.

I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on hari-kiri rock!!! I NEED´╗┐ SCISSORS!!! 61!!!


Day one buy, im actually preordering this sucker

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