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I love online multi-player, but I'd take local multi-player over it any day! Multi-player games are funner to me with friends/family.

Online multi-player is still pretty cool, though. The Wii is nowhere near perfect, but I'm glad that the Wii finally has some great multi-player titles. I just feel that some games get limited by the matchmaking services provided by Nintendo/GameSpy. (Nintendo still uses GameSpy, right?) I hate how I never know how many people are currently playing; I don't want to load up a game and wait for a match if no one else is even online. This issue pops up a lot on less popular games. It becomes even more of an issue where you choose what you want to play, thus limiting your chances of finding an opponent. (Like in Water Warfare or Virtua Tennis.)

I know GameSpy can offer more than just matchmaking, 4x4 Evo on Dreamcast was and still is completely powered by GameSpy, and it has lobbies in which you can see who is there and who is playing. I do like how Water Warfare adopted 4x4 Evo's idea of predefined messages, though. (4x4 Evo certainly had much more variety in the sayings, though. )

A few examples from 4x4 Evo:

Who's your daddy's daddy?!
Flat tire...
I was robbed!

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I like the always online console options that are now integrated. I like to see what everyone on my friends list is playing on the PS3. Sometimes I will jump into a online match on Skate 2 or Burnout Paradise. I think I have prod 15 PS3 games that have online modes that I havent even tried out. I just dont care for all the trash talk and cheating that goes on constantly. I will someday eventually check out Bionic Commandos online multiplayer as the single player is really fun.
...... I absolutely love how the PS3/360 shows your friends hight scores on games while your playin them so you can try to beat them. That I do love.

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Online is fun, but I prefer single player stuff. I just like the experience. Now, I do enjoy online. I have a few online only games, but my favorite type of online gaming would have to be online co-op.

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