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I like the always online console options that are now integrated. I like to see what everyone on my friends list is playing on the PS3. Sometimes I will jump into a online match on Skate 2 or Burnout Paradise. I think I have prod 15 PS3 games that have online modes that I havent even tried out. I just dont care for all the trash talk and cheating that goes on constantly. I will someday eventually check out Bionic Commandos online multiplayer as the single player is really fun.
...... I absolutely love how the PS3/360 shows your friends hight scores on games while your playin them so you can try to beat them. That I do love.

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Online is fun, but I prefer single player stuff. I just like the experience. Now, I do enjoy online. I have a few online only games, but my favorite type of online gaming would have to be online co-op.

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