Topic: Favorite XBLA Game & Why?

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@Chicken_Brutus (revives thread...) there we go!
I haven't bought one for a while, but I just got a healty amount of microsoft points, so might get shadow complex and trials hd after I've played through the demos.
My favourites are Alien Hominid (absolute win! ), Assault Heroes, Boom Boom Rocket (I found myself strangely addicted to BBR for quite a while actually - musta been all the funky tunes and pretty lights ), and I loved playing through Sonic 2 again. The XBLA Mega Drive releases always make me slightly annoyed at the VC ones, because on xbla, they're cheaper, and given an overhoal of their menus and get online multiplayer and achievements, etc.

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slapshot82 wrote:

Shadow Complex all the way.

I was skeptical at first, but after trying the demo I was hooked. I had almost 2000 points to blow on something random so I'm glad I chose this game.

Aaaand uh, I'm throwing in Mega Man 9 even though it's not an exclusive. So there!

(Needless to say those are the only two arcade releases I have) >_>

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Castle Crashers and Mega Man 9.

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Trials HD is the most addictive game I have played in years so that is my fav, hard as nails though, still can't beat the final Extreme level.

Honourable mention also goes to Shadow Complex, Secret of Monkey Island: SE and Peggle.

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How could I forget Shadow Complex?! That one is just awesome!

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