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Oh and NintendoLife

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Well, obviously NintendoLife, but Shmups is pretty cool too.

If you're talking about playing video game sites, I would definitely say Newgrounds. That place rocks.

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I've been a gamespotter for a couple years now, and there's something to be said for sticking with what's familiar. But Nintendo Life has really grown on me since I discovered it. I like the combination of Retro reviews and current events... this is now my first stop every Monday morning with my coffee!



And really is all that... I just checked it out, registered, and found an old friend!


Corbs is one of the most helpful forums I've ever been a part of. Great site too.

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NintendoLife sucks. All hail 4Chan.


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Your asking this on nintendolife wow the answer is going to be nitendolife because that is where we are right now

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Raylax wrote:

NintendoLife sucks. All hail 4Chan.


Gamespot. Reviews and forums there rock.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


I'm on it right now.

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Well Nintendolife is probably the best, but Gamefaqs has different uses - like guides and reader reviews (which I thought we were supposed to have by now), so the two make a formidable duo.

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Nintendolife. (duh)

wont be on here anymore


That depends. What kind of kickback will I get if I say Nintendo Life?

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Well, Nintendo Life, obviously. But for breaking news, I go to IGN, even though they're jerks. As for playing games, Nitrome is sweet.


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