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__JJ wrote:

picked up the DSi!! Thanks everyone for your input.

Isn't it great when everyone pays attention?
Yeah, I noticed it shortly after posting my post... But I couldn't bother myself with editing it...

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PSP is cool, but I don't why they are charging 250 bucks for something you download games on. The original PSP has more parts and it is cheaper!

I have both, but I like DS A LOT more. My PSP gathers dust. Here are some good DS games.

New Super Mario Bros
Advanced Wars: Dual Strike
Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin
Mario Kart
Star Fox
Elite Beat Agents
Hotel Dusk
Touch Memory
Henry Hatsworth
Professor Layton 1 and 2
Kingdom Hearts
Custom Robo
Jump Super/Ultra Stars
Grand Theft Auto
Valkyrie Chronicles
Sands of Destruction
Mario and Luigi 2
Mario and Luigi 3
Sonic Rush/ Rush Adventure
Contra 4
Megaman ZX/ZX2
Dragon Quest Joker
Big Bang Mini
Blue Dragon
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Metal Slug 7
Guitar Hero: On Tour
The World Ends with You
Trauma Center 1 and 2
Lock’s Quest
Ninja Gaiden
The Phoenix Wright games

Some are coming soon.



Good decision.

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Why not both.
I have a DSi, which nothing good has come out of.
I will give the PSP Go! and chance, I just got the Zune HD so I might as well.
I have 2 more paydays before the Go comes out so I will have money by then

Woot I won hahaha


Seeing the release list for DSi on DSiWare Im sending my DSi the way of my Wii....... Sold. PSP definately. That is if you have a DS...... if you dont own a DS then DS.

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