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Topic: Driect2Drive Cyber Monday Sale

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-Dragon Age Origins: $39.95 - 20% off
-The Sims 3: $29.95 - 40% off
-Cities XL: Limited Edition: $29.95 - 40% off
-Crysis Maximum Edition: $19.95 - 50% off
-Grand Theft Auto IV: $24.95 - 50% off
-Dawn of Discovery: $24.95 - 50% off

Cyber Monday sale:
-Mass Effect: $4.95 - 75% off

For those that don't have an Xbox 360, it might be a good idea to pick up GTA IV for PC, since it's a Games for Windows - LIVE title, there's a good chance that the 2 exclusive GTA games Microsoft funded could make their way to the GFW LVIE Marketplace.

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