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Topic: Do You Wait for GOTY Editions?

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Do you wait for GOTY/Complete editions of games to be released or do you buy the standards?

Every year really big games are released for the regular $60 price tag. Then DLC is released throughout the year. About a year after the game is released, a GOTY/Complete edition comes out with all the bells and whistles and DLC on the disc. And it might be released at a $50 price tag. This is why I've held back on buying Bioshock Infinite, personally.

I find myself usually waiting until a GOTY edition comes out just because I like having everything in one neat package. That, and I like saving money. If it's something I'm really excited about, I'll spring for the standard edition right when it comes out, but the last time that happened was with Uncharted 3.

So do you tend to wait for those complete packages and then pick them out of the bargain bin a year or so later, or do you grab up the standard edition? Or do you do a bit of both?


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I waited specifically for Injustice GOTY Edition for Wii U. I'll buy Injustice sooner or later now that I know the GOTY edition isn't on Wii U.

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Only for games like Borderlands, where the DLC is worth something.

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I've always waited for an edition, ever since Capcom released Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, right after I bought the original one. And yeah. is cheaper.

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For console games, I usually wait for the GOTY edition or until the game drops in price. I love picking up three Platinum Hits titles for the price of a single new release.
For handheld games, I usually don't wait since they're generally much cheaper and don't have DLC.

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Yeah, since I've never had a home console, and I don't really play much on PC, I've never really encountered this...

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If I want a game at launch I get at launch. I don't wait for GOTY editions, I do love picking them up when I don't already have the game.

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For me it all depends on the game. If its a game like Borderlands where there are characters and new campaigns then sure I will wait for the GOTY edition. However if its a game like Left 4 Dead I think it was and all the extra DLC is multiplayer maps then I dont since I dont play much multiplayer games unless its co-op storys.

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Yes I do, GOTY are always a better value and I have more games than time to play so waiting to play a game is not a problem

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