Topic: Do You Organize Your Games In Alphabetical Order?

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For my Wii/WiiU games yes. I have them organized alphabetically because I have around 25. For my 64 games: no, because I only have about 8.

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No, I just organize them by console, and then group series (or franchises) in chronological order.

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I organize by console from oldest to newest, then I alphabetize them.


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I used to, but then I moved and had to leave all the boxes and just take the discs.

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"Do you organize your games"
Oh, you were serious? I think they all just sit on a shelf in my room, or in neat little lists on my Steam account.

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Yes, I sort my console games by system's company first, then by the generation, then alphabetically by game.

And strangely, though I never realized before, I sort by franchise and then chronologically only in my digital libraries and in my 3DS case.

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