Topic: Do You Organize Your Games In Alphabetical Order?

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...surprisingly, no.

But now that you've mentioned it, I'll probably spend the next hour organising them instead of doing my essay. Good work, buddy.

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I do it, but only for my physical console games, as I keep them in a drawer.

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I only have about a half dozen games so far, so it doesn't feel like it's truly worth the effort. However, I have two bookshelves full of books, and they're sorted first by category, then by author. Thus, once my Wii U library grows a bit, it will almost certainly be sorted alphabetically.

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I don't and I don't plan to. The ones I am playing end up near the top. They are all just dumped in about 8 drawers. The closest I get is stuff for the same system in the same drawer (Or two).

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I don't. Not that I have a huge amount of games for it to be an issue though. I try to order my games by series. I'll group Mario games together from main series games to spin off games, and I'll group Zelda/Sonic/Wii series, etc games together. Anything else is ordered by how much I like said game, with my least favourites at the bottom. The same applies for digital games, where I separate retail, indie and VC games.


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Nope. I organize them by either by color, picture, or the text of their icon (if digital) or on the side of the case (if physical).

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I sometimes do but I am more focused on arranging them by publisher, genre and system. I have a book shelf with all my retro games and my Wii U games are in a bag. I arrange digital games by system and series.

The only physical collections I have worthy of alphabetising are my SNES and Wii games. Alien 3 to Zool

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Chronologically, first by system release, then by game release.

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No. Not me. If there's more than one game in the series i put each series in chronological order but i don't do them alphabetically.

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In chronological order, makes it easier for me to find the games.

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I organize them by genre more then anything. Like I put all my sport games together, then RPGs, then action games etc. and then by the order they came out so sequels are together.

If they are in their correct genre then it doesn't bother me if they are in alphabetical order or not. Only if say Skyward Sword is before Twilight Princess for example does it bug me.

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I organize mine by genre, then each genre section is organized alphabetically.


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I go by system then alphabetical order.

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nope - my scheme is a gloriously chaotic combination of ancient "I'll play this next" plans, convenience, and randomness

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I organize all of my games by system, and then alphabetically.

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I organize them fisrt by system them by last played, the last one I've pulled the box out of the drawer goes to the "easiest to pick" spot so I won't be too lazy to put the game back into the box

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Considering I half a couple hundred (at least) on my shelves, I need to organize them somehow if I ever wanna find the game I'm looking for, so other than dedicating shelves to each system, yes, I alphabetize. Takes seconds to find something then.

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