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Pawtrick roomie woke me up in the middle of the night, walked into my room with his laptop and was like "dude a new class!" and I replied "you idoit, it's April fools!!"



Blizzard to me makes the best video games hands down. I have alot of amazing favorites outside of them (mostly console), but they really take forever to put games out and because of that they nail it everytime. My entire high school era + some passed that was owned by Blizzard between Starcraft / Brood War and Warcraft III / Frozen Throne.

Starcraft / Broodwar easily my favorite game of all time for now. Just awesome. If you love competitive online gaming and love real time strategy, to me it is unrivaled though it has been out for some time now.

Check out Starcraft 2 - it will redefine RTS and set the standard for some time.

More on topic though, the Diablo series is awesome and 3 looks to top even the first two which is nothing short of incredible. Looking forward to its release as well!




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