Topic: Debate:Should ps4 and xbox one do virtual console?

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A more interesting question is, could Sony and Microsoft legally build emulators for Nintendo Consoles for people to play third party titles...... it has always been said that emulation is legal if you own the game...... so theoretically Sony could make a NES emulator for PS4 so capcom could offer mega man titles...... Even if they could not emulate Nintendo consoles they could probably get rights to offer VC titles of other consoles (Genesis, Neo Geo, even Dreamcast if technically possible?) I think Sony (and Microsoft) are losing and opportunity by leaving the Nostalgia market all to Nintendo

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You're probably right. I just don't see any way they can be charging for anything that isn't even capable of being on your HDD. Gears of War 3 would still have to be able to be able to run on Xbox One, otherwise they're essentially charging you for an "empty" product,

They're better off supporting complete BC, along with the streaming service.


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