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Pro ably is tied with batman,spiderman, and wolverine for most over exposed comic book character.


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Brilliant advertising. And as I write this, it's going to be unveiled fully in a hour's time. CAN. NOT. WAIT!

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It looks... So beautiful...

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Call me when there's a Lobo game.

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I have high hopes for this game

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Suck it Wolverine!

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I don't care that if the game is absolutly horrible, I will still buy it day one at full price, and I only do that for games I REALLY want.

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One day, I will dress up in a Deadpool costume, take a train into the middle of London (Trafalgar Square preferably), and do a bunch of crazy shit. That is my lifelong dream :3

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Wow. Was the comedy written by a 13-year-old cracked out on Mountain Dew? Gamplay looks pretty rough, graphics look... alright, and if the whole game is going to be cracking jokes as bad as that, I'll be giving it a wide berth. Like, 20 miles wide.


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Good to see that Kratos is finally keeping up with the times.

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