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I've been following this on Twitter for some time now, and there are a lot of people out there boycotting, or calling for others to boycott the game.

It's wonderful logic: "one person, who may or may not have been a poor employee and only worked on the project for 90 days, has a bad experience. So let's call for a boycott, which may well ruin the company (and publisher, THQ, given its financial situation) and cost hundreds, or thousands of jobs and ruin the lives of those people and their families."

How lovely is that.


You're implying more than a few people who planned on buying the game new are actually gonna follow through on this.

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You know, if there's any reason to boycott the game, it's because of all the glitches present.
Considering that THQ had to jump hoops to stay on the NASDAQ, there's no way I'm going to boycott a game when I don't even look at the credits anyway.

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If I think a game looks good, I'll buy it.
I really couldn't care less who had a bad experience doing what... if it hasn't had any impact on the quality of the game itself then it's really of no concern to me.


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